How I Used IT Central Station to Learn About Cloud-Based CRM Solutions

This user testimonial is based on an interview with Aimee White, an active IT Central Station user who has regularly benefited from our real user reviews of enterprise tech solutions.

In her own words, Aimee explains “I always rely on online reviews for purchasing decisions – wisdom of crowds and all.”

In this interview, Aimee discusses how she has used IT Central Station for researching CRM solutions, particularly Salesforce.

On our site, the CRM category is followed by 3,489 users and includes 44 CRM solutions on the enterprise tech market.

Aimee works as a Prince2 Practitioner with ITIL v3 It Service Management for website and e-commerce at a retail company.

In this particular use case, Aimee describes “I was looking at Salesforce. I never liked it but I am using a CMS that they have just purchased (Demandware – used by Adidas, House of Fraser, Pandora, Under Armour, etc) so I was sort of forced to look into Salesforce a little more.

I wanted a high-level overview at a glance and that’s what the reviews give me.”

Which Pain Points Were You Looking to Solve with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

“It was more that I wanted to recommend a cloud-based CRM that is used by a huge chunk of businesses, to good effect. The pain points are more about a lack of internal processes – often can be solved by going out to the cloud and having a black box.”

What are Your Most Frequent Reasons for Using IT Central Station?

“I am using IT Central Station now to research CRMs. While it won’t stop me recommending a product to a client, it is more about finding out the problems that the client could experience. It’s about digging up the things “you don’t know you don’t know. So, for me, it’s about risk management.”

Which Knowledge Gaps Were You Looking to Fill in Your CRM Research?

“I was looking for high-level reviews and some high-level info on features and problems. All apps have issues but most seem to lie in the implementation and/or lack of internal processes of an organization. For me, those points are for the organization to deal with. What a CRM “can” do, is my area.”

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Enterprise CRM Face-off: Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Oracle Sales Cloud vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What do users at IT Central Station discuss in their Enterprise CRM Reviews?

This week, a Review Face-off is held between Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Oracle Sales Cloud vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What are each solution’s most valuable features? Where would users like to see improvement?

Continue reading to read expert advice from the IT Central Station user community.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Question: What are Salesforce Sales Cloud’s Most Valuable Features?


Prashant Dumbre:

“You can have non-sales and marketing personnel using Chatter without driving up licensing cost. The bulk edit page is nice for creating multiple users at once with the most basic information.”


Pratyush Singh:

“Chatter, Mobile Platform along with Mobile Push, Salesforce synchronization for MS Outlook, simple & smart analytic dashboard.”

Question: Where do you see Room for Improvement in Salesforce Sales Cloud?


Prashant Dumbre:

The integration piece is missing. Salesforce has an integration capability, but the moment we say integration, it’s categorized into the following types:

– Synchronous and Asynchronous integration

– Hybrid integration: direct and middleware based

– Cloud-to-Cloud integration such as to RightNow

…The increasing shift toward hybrid architectures, moreover, means that integration solutions must be able to seamlessly connect with other SaaS applications and on-premises legacy systems.”


Pratyush Singh:

“Need to make complex CRM processes as Out of Box features, Address interface challenges between Salesforce and On-premise enterprise Software, Lot of dependency on affiliate software such as Service Max & Marketo.”

Oracle Sales Cloud

Question: What are Oracle Sales Cloud’s Most Valuable Features?


Prashant Dumbre:

  • “Analytics & Forecasting
  • Offline Mobile Capability
  • Customer Data Management
  • Social Collaboration
  • Sales Dashboards
  • Outlook Integration
  • Application Composer”

Question: Where do you see Room for Improvement in Oracle Sales Cloud?


Prashant Dumbre:

“The data import process has grown a little since earlier releases. In the past, when data import would fail, it would rarely provide any indication of where the problem exists. In the recent releases (8 and above), this process has improved but not much. Over time, I believe this process will continue to mature.

Multiple BU Setup feature is missing, and Leads and Opportunities Forms should be versatile as per the various Sales Processes.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Question: What are Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Most Valuable Features?


Shaik Ishaq:

MS Dynamics CRM 2015 release has many exciting features.

Following are a couple of my favorite features in this update.

  1. Search
  2. Mobile Sales

There are many other exciting features in MS Dynamics CRM 2015 version, promising outstanding customer experiences.”

Question: Where do you see Room for Improvement in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


Shaik Ishaq:

Enhancing mobile usage of the CRM to other vertical would be good. I believe the MS Dynamics CRM app is a great experience to the sales people. With the mobile app, we can nurture with leads, opportunities, and accounts. Although I was looking to get reports, view of all the dashboards and other modules (Settings and Service).

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