What real users are saying about their Oracle solutions

Oracle OpenWorld is happening this week in San Francisco, and Oracle will be announcing new innovations and solutions in the coming days. But what do real users think about Oracle solutions? All this week the IT Central Station team will be at OpenWorld, collecting and showcasing real user reviews for Oracle solutions across all categories.

IT Central Station attends technology events and conferences all over the world to collect authentic user reviews for a wide variety of enterprise technology solutions. By collecting reviews from technology conferences we guarantee user reviews that are from experts in the field, and who can give other users real insight into the solution’s pros and cons. We also collect video reviews from these conferences, to give face-to-face accounts of how technology professionals use a given solution.

What do real users think about Oracle Exadata?

Consultant says, “It’s cost-effective for a lot of organizations. I would rate highly some of the specialized mechanisms that Oracle has put in place. Adaptability is a little bit challenging for the customer because of the licensing and the pricing. That’s where I think they can make a big difference.” 

What do real users think about Oracle OBIEE?

BI Architect, “It’s now much easier for our developers to mash up their repositories from different data sources, create new dashboards, create graphs, and send emails via agents.Oracle needs to make WebLogic much simpler to use. With WebLogic you have a vast number of things in there. If you’re not an OBIEE admin, then you don’t know what you’re doing.”

What do real users think about Oracle Database?

Senior Project Manager, “One of the new features I’ve been using lately is the In-Memory Column Store.”

What are real users saying about Oracle VM VirtualBox?

ERP System Analyst,  “Using a virtual operating system simplifies the installation procedure, system maintenance, and system backup. It allows you to be hardware independent.”

What are real users saying about Mobile Application Framework?

CTO at a tech company says it, “allows me to write code in my preferred coding language and deploy to multiple platforms.”

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HP vs. Juniper vs. Cisco vs. Avaya: Review Roundup for Ethernet Switches

This week we present a Review Roundup of the latest reviews of ethernet switches from the IT Central Station community. To see full product comparisons on IT Central Station:

Read what our real users have to say about the solutions they are using:Ethernet Switches- Cisco vs Avaya vs Juniper vs HP

HP – “Some valuable features include cost per Gigabit Port, Layer 3 Capability, POE SupportBy reducing the need for an in-line power source over Ethernet using injectors for small devices, we are able to power wireless access points. Additionally, cameras, and telephones from a single device. ROI is 350% due to stability in the product, low power use, and administrative requirements such as down time.” Read the full HP review.

Avaya “One of the reasons we selected this product was the per port cost ratio as it is very low while compared to other similar products. The device can be remotely managed using various remote management protocols like SNMP, RMON, and HTTP etc. We did face problems while finding the right connecting cable for administering the device, but once the device is on the network it can be easily managed. We also found the web interface for managing the device, to be very useful.” Read the full review here.

Cisco – “EA Cisco Network Structure consisted of 3 Layers (Core, Distribution & Access). We used the FWSM (Firewall Services Module) to route the traffic and as a gateway to get to the WAN. As a result, we were able to collapse the Core Layer into the Distribution Layer with a few blade modules (FWSM, SUP & Ethernet).” Read the full review here.

Juniper vs. Cisco “I prefer Juniper for the following reasons: Cleaner separation of data plane from control plane, hierarchical config design and easier rollback; I think there are less bugs/vulnerabilities in Junos vs IOS. ” Read the full review.

Visit IT Central Station to read more Ethernet Switch reviews including HP, Avaya, Cisco, NETGEAR, D-Link, Brocade and many more. You can also look at helpful comparison pages like Cisco vs. Juniper, Brocade vs. Netgear to help your research!

The Weekly Roundup: Tableau

This week’s roundup explores what’s being said in our collection of Tableau reviews. Tableau is one of the fastest growing BI tools in the market. There are so many solutions on the market and it’s hard to know which is best for your organization. Today, let’s see what our real users are saying about Tableau.
Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:

· User Bernhardsmith who is a consultant at a financial services firm says “it has some of the best conceived “template” graphs I’ve seen in any package”

· Doug Lautzenheiser is an owner of tech consulting firm, says that “Tableau is the type of visual analytics software that Microsoft itself should have added to Excel.”

· Bob Samuels is working at a media company with 5,000+ employees gives it 5 star rating but says one of its limitations is its price. It is not cheap.

· Ted Cuzzillo, an industry analyst, says that in Tableau “workbooks can be passed around in a variety of ways forever”

· Marc A is a BI Expert gives it 4 star rating and says that performance of Tableau can be tricky on large datasets .

· Guillermo Cabiro who is R&D Director at tech consulting firm says “It has a full pivot, drag & drop and drill down capability that’s great for or power users”

· And finally, Lazarmihai who is a project Manager at a software R&D company gives Tableau 3 star rating saying it is very flexible and simple for a user to create reports with parameters and filters.

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Roundup of Latest Reviews: Solarwinds NPM (Network Monitoring Tools)

IT Central Station covers a gamut of technology products and services that are used every day to power the business of Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 enterprises. In today’s post, we’ll give you a taste of one of the latest reviews that have come in for Solarwinds Orion, one of the many network monitoring tools listed on IT Central Station. Here are a few highlights:

  • User anon375, who is on the network team at a retailer says NPM is “the most efficient Network Performance Monitor with its sniffing, alerting system, and fault discovery.”
  • User mgrntwrk381 who is a network manager at a healthcare company says Orion’s “resource utilization is heavy so you need to analyze the server before using it for multiple roles. We are unable to use web console to configure new alerts.”
  • User teenajain who is IT Director at a company with 1-500 employees gives it 4 stars but says one of its limitations is “building out a dependency structure.”
  • User network185 who is a networking expert at a company with 1-500 employees  says it is “quick to get up and running, but not as granular out-of-the-box as you would expect.”

On IT Central Station, you can read the full reviews of NPM by Solarwinds, and other network monitoring tools including Wireshark, OPNET, CA NetQoS Performance Center, Cisco Data Center Network Manager, Entuity, HP Network Management Center, InfoVista VistaInsight, ManageEngine OpManager, Microsoft Network Monitor and others.

These are the opinions of real users – not vendors, analysts, consultants or bloggers. IT Central Station protects the privacy of its user community–we validate that the reviewers are real users of the products, but the reviews are posted without personally identifiable information so that users can say what they really think and be heard.

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Microstrategy vs Cognos—Face Off

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review
Check out the new Face Off on IT Central Station for Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Each solution has more than 28 real user reviews and four and five star ratings!

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review

First look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product:

Senior Manager of IT at government with 5000+ employees:

Cognos Review

“Provides us with “a single version of the truth.”

Manager of Development at tech services company with 5000+ employees:

Microstrategy Review

“Issues with reports, however can be quickly fixed.”

Here’s more of the Face Off—click each one to see all the reviews for each product:

Microstrategy vs Cognos

Now take a look at this line up of the industry’s top BI tools comparison on IT Central Station and add your perspective. You can comment on these reviews, check out what others are saying, or add a review of your own. Also make sure you check out Microstrategy alternatives and Cognos alternatives.

      Ibm                                                               qlikview                     

Cognos Express       SQL Server Reporting . . .         QlikView              Microstrategy

To see a detailed comparison between Cognos and MicroStrategy, check out IT Central Station’s comparison.

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SAP vs. OBIEE Review Roundup: Enterprise Wrestling Match

Wrestling for a position in an enterprise-level match up, both SAP and Oracle, SAP BO vs OBIEE, provide business intelligence (BI) solutions that are typically central to mission-critical reporting and strategic planning for most organizations. Each wSAP BI vs Oracle BIill be awarded points during the match for a “take down” or “reversal.” In some cases, a clear “pin” secures the match.

Both very competitive, SAP and Oracle could win depending on the circumstances of the day. Consider an evaluation of the match up before going the mat here on IT Central Station.

To see a full product comparison, check out SAP BO vs. OBIEE.

Here are a couple of reviews to highlight:

SAP BO – “Provides a platform for developing reporting that can be used by end users, which will give relevant, consistent and correct results. Also, ability to combine data, I created a report based on SAP data from BW and combined it with data from SQL server to be able to report on the data in a way that would not have been possible to do except with manual steps. The solution I built replaced a manual process that would take 3 weeks and provided an automated solution. We were able to get the critical analysis in a small fraction of time and able to run the business better as a result. Can be a little buggy. As with any system you need to do the work to set up the foundation; nothing is as easy as you install it and all your problems are solved.” Read the full review here.

OBIEE – “Exalytics combined with Exadata server makes it possible to query ~ 50TB of datamart data (uncompressed size), that’s really great and ~ 1000 of simultaneous requests.In the past it was not possible to join data from so many different sources due to the performance limitations imposed by the size of the data Self service BI. It’s clear that Endeca tends to be integrated into BIFS and probably self-service functionality will be covered by Endeca.” Read the full review here.

You can also look at a comparison of the two products matched up: SAP BO vs OBIEE or the BI RFP Templates available at IT Central Station, in the right corner of the Business Intelligence Category Page.


Reporting Solutions Review Roundup

This week’s review roundup is an always popular corner of IT Central Station – Business Intelligence. This week we are talking specifically about Reporting Software. Here is a selection of what real users from our community are saying about their reporting tools:

Tableau – “Valuable Features: Prototyping, Visual representation, Quick for report readers versus tables and numbers in most other similar tools. Improvements to My Organization: As a consultant, the organizations I’ve been at like the ability to see a visual report.  This is can be done fairly quick as opposed to numbers.” Read the full review here. bar-chart-297122_640

Windward – “Valuable features: There’s less of a a learning curve than with other reporting tools and it has easy to design complex templates using the AutoTag Microsoft Office plugin. I can use Microsoft Office standard features with templates. This has reduced template development time on coding, layouts and formatting. We receive customer data in various formats and it is very convenient to pass the XML datasource to generate reports. Easy to integrate with our company product using Javelin Server RESTful web-services API.” Read the full review here

Crystal Reports -“Improvements to My Organization: Our organization previously exported a lot of data to Excel. This had to be endlessly manipulated by sorting, cutting, modifying pasting, de-duping, resorting, etc. Using Crystal Reports means all this manual work is eliminated. The report comes out sorted and in the right format without need for any manipulation. Crystal also has a lot of options for grouping and creating formulas. Room for Improvement: Some features are difficult to use for beginning users, such as shared variables.” Read the full review here.

Domo – “Improvements to My Organization: Unfortunately, no. We never were able to make it work. We were initially promised a one month setup with the four tools of our choice. It took them two months to setup Google Analytics alone, and that merely replicated what we could do. Room for Improvement: Ease of use for clients. The ability to live up to the promises of its sales staff.” Read the full review here.

BOARD – “The feature that I have found most valuable is the whole idea behind Board. Board is entirely customizable. If we have a new process, or a new reporting function that we want to achieve, we can make it happen in Board. We are able to do it ourselves, and that is without any IT background or training.” Read the full review here.

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Veeam vs. EMC vs Acronis vs Unitrends: Review Round-up for Backup Solutions

EMC vs Acronis vs Microsoft

This week we present a roundup of the latest reviews of backup solutions from the IT Central Station community. Choosing the right solution can be a critical business and technology decision. Read what our real users have to say about these solutions: Veeam vs. EMC vs Acronis vs Unitrends.

Reviews of Backup Solutions from Real Users 

Veeam Backup – “There are a number of great features such as WAN acceleration, deduplication & compression, replication and the grandfather-father-son backup tree. Not to mention backup to tape which has been a key reason to migrate to Veeam. The primary feature of most value to me is the SureBackup and SureReplica featureset. Having the ability to verify backups and replicas of critical servers in a sandboxed environment means that I can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the data is valid and I can confidently restore data and services if required by the business. Snapshot capabilities within NetApp would also be high on that list.” Read the full Veeam review here.

EMC Avamar “I have experienced these scenarios numerous times with traditional full/incremental backup products. The more you backup, the more storage you consume and that means longer backup windows. When I first started in my current position, we were backing up 100 servers with specific savesets. At that time, we had over 500 production servers. As you can imagine, this was a nightmare scenario waiting to happen. We were only able to fulfill about 75% of our restore requests. Not because the savesets where corrupt, but because we weren’t backing up what was requested for restore. Fortunately, we were able to invest in a new purpose-built deduplicated backup appliance. (EMC Avamar, but there are other products on the market). Avamar is a disk based global deduplication backup appliance.” Read the full Avamar review.

Acronis“We update our Vaccination Tracking System (VTS) software on a monthly basis with software patches and added features, with Acronis Backup & Recovery, it enables us to always revert to the initial state when we experience challenges with the test environment. Because of the numerous reports we get from our staff in the filed while using the VTS, ABR allows us to incrementally backup important changes as we continually try to fix compatibility issues with different scenarios. Works very well with real-time backup of our database files server when staff upload information captured from polio vaccination tracking. Room for Improvement: Over the Network Backup.” Read the full Acronis review.

Unitrends -“With Unitrends CloudHook you have the possibility to archive your backups in the cloud. In earlier days we had to put our long-term backups on tape, because having the data that was been backuped in the same datacenter was no option. Getting it on tape and then moving it to another location ensured us of data salvation in case of a major event. Differential and incremental backups cannot be in the same schedule. A full backup must be in the schedule. The incremental forever strategy is not supported.” Read the full Unitrends review.

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Review Roundup: Talking about Firewalls

This week’s review roundup is dedicated to a topic that you could say is catching on like wildfire…Firewalls. Many of our community members have recently been writing reviews about the Firewall solutions they are using – here is a selection of great user content:Fire_from_brazier

FireEye – “I like the ability to detect zero day attacks, APT’s, and other types of malware which almost every other security device in the world is unable to detect. Improvements to My Organization: One of the projects where we were deploying was a POC. When it was tested, it detected one of the world’s most dangerous APTs, like KABA, that was specially designed to target the telecommunication industry. This was one of the many thousands of findings that we were proud of.” Read the full review here.

Another user wrote the following about Sourcefire: “Alright, let’s end on a high note. Apart from those four things, the Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services solution works well, provides great insight, applies Advanced Malware Protection strongly, and shuts down a ton of illegitimate connections before they can attACK ;). If you’re looking to get your feet wet, and if SSL inspection isn’t critical, I recommend giving FirePOWER a shot.” Read the full review here.

Another real user recently wrote about Fortinet FortiGate. He wrote: “Valuable features include: Active Directory integration, QO, Balance/Fail-over, Web filtering and protection with AV engine and WiFi network for visitors isolated from our corporate WiFi network using only one unit. Improvements to My Organization: After the implementation we stopped internet disruptions and abuse by users. Room for Improvement: Everything needs to be improved, but they have improvements with each new version.” Read this full review here. 

Lastly, check out this recent review about Palo Alto Networks WildFire: “User identification and the Applipedia are the most useful. The integration of the Applipedia with the application identification at layer seven makes it a very comprehensive, and secure, firewall. Improvements to My Organization: We have the ability to see what traffic is coming and going in a much deeper and more detailed fashion. We have also found, and stopped, several malware applications before they infected the endpoints. The product is straightforward to implement, though if you are looking for a quick implementation, I would suggest bringing in an expert.” Read the full review here.

You can check out these Firewall reviews and more – as well as see a side-by-side comparison!