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Enterprise Help Desk Solution Reviews- Best of 2016

IT Central Station users review the best enterprise Help Desk software of 2016

IT Central Station community members have contributed over 300 help desk software reviews for enterprise solutions in 2016. Our users discuss things they love about their current helpdesk solutions, and where they see room for improvement. They also write about the scalability of the solution they use, and compared it to previous solutions they have experience with.

Here are the top Help Desk solutions of 2016 according to the IT Central Station community.


Our users have contributed 79 user reviews for ServiceNow, and it is ranked as the top Help Desk solution for 2016 by our users. Marcelo Moreli found ServiceNow to have: “Facility for doing customizations, very quick time to business, good support, availability time, some nice development tools, and facilities for building integration”

Room for Improvement

When noting room for improvement, one consultant added that an area for improvement was, “the configuration capabilities of the end-user facing portal, although this issue is due to be addressed in the next release.”


Vlad Diaconu had this to say about the solution: “Zendesk is a smart tool, helping us to become very well organized and, if necessary, to rethink our business strategies. We have a real-time overview on all requests coming from different channels, we can set service level agreements to meet our customer’s expectations and we can also monitor and evaluate our agents’ activity, managing to adapt and establish their tasks according to the work flow.”

Room for Improvement

However, John Appel says Zendesk “need to fix the email thread response problem.” Zendesk has the number two spot according to IT Central Station community.


Joy Fano reviews SpiceWorks and writes: “We’re now able to provide logs during an it audit and we can monitor network activity in real time.”

Room for Improvement

At the same time, Stephen Fidler thinks Spiceworks requires the following improvements: “Scanning of the network, being able to remove some of the default actions that are in the drop down menu of the tickets.”

HPE Service Manager

Jacob Heubner, says HPE Service Manager is “a solution that works out of the box.” He continues to explain, “The solution’s real strength is its ability to change for your organization’s infrastructure.”

Room for Improvement

Darren Johnstone, a systems management specialist, argues that HPE Service Manager needs to “bring in new requested features to give the product a faster development cycle, ahead of the game!”

BMC Remedy

Goncalo Oliveira says that “flexibility in development and the capacity of being used by so many different kind of businesses are the most valuable features of BMC Remedy for us.” He continues to explain, “It enhances the implementation of process between teams in a central way, and if that is not possible it makes the integration with other applications easily.”

Room for Improvement

Jeevan Chaukar mentions these flaws in the system: “In general, Remedy doesn’t support very aggressive Agile development and is more conducive to a waterfall kind of SDLC. Also, the debugging of defects or performance issues in Remedy is not well assisted by the Remedy Developer Studio.”

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