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New! Personalized Recommendations with Crowdsourcing

Our mission is to cut through vendor marketing hype and empower you with the opinions of your peers and other real users. Last month we unveiled the Comparison Wheel to enable tech buyers to leverage the power of crowdsourced data when researching solutions. And today we’ve launched another new feature built upon IT Central Station crowdsourced data — personalized recommendations.

In today’s complex market for enterprise technology, there’s no “one-size fits all” solution. You can now use IT Central Station to find out which ones are most relevant to you based on your professional profile, including your company’s size and industry.

Before RecommendationsAfter Recommendations





It’s like Amazon’s “recommended for you”, but for enterprise tech professionals. Cool, huh?

Just click on the button “See Solutions Recommended for Me” on any of our category pages including:

•    Business Intelligence
•    Virtualization and Cloud
•    Networking
•    APM
•    Testing Tools
•    CRMDatabasesBPM, and 250 other categories

IT Central Station is revolutionizing the enterprise tech buying process with a community, crowdsourced approach. Don’t forget to share this with your colleagues so they can tap into the value of peer opinions and real user product reviews.

Russell Rothstein

I'm the co-founder and CEO of IT Central Station, leading our talented team here as we change the way enterprises buy technology. Follow me on twitter. [12K+ followers]

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