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New Reviews: Message Queue Software Roundup

In IT Central Station’s user community, 4,338 users follow the Message Queue category. 3,708 of these users follow Avada Software Infrared360, which ranks as the #1 Message Queue solution on our site.

In this week’s review roundup, we see how Avada Software Infrared360 compares to Apache Kafka, which ranks as the #5 Message Queue solution.

Avada Software Infrared360 and Apache Kafka earned average review ratings of 8.0 and 8.5, respectively.

Continue reading below to learn how these two solutions compare in terms of improvements to user’s organizations, scalability, stability, and overall room for improvement.

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“What Were the Improvements to your Organization?”
Avada Software Infrared360

“One way it’s helped the business is how you’re able to empower MQ users, without your administrators, to be able to do different types of processes in the environment” writes Brad Rogers, a Middleware Admin at a Financial Services Firm.  

Rogers specifies that Avada Software Infrared360 has:

  • User group privileges that “allow you to set up security roles in the system.”
  • Permissions and actions that can be delegated to other users, so that they take on and maintain different MQ tasks.
  • Admins that can “delegate some of the work to people to do what that they’re capable of doing, without risking access to parts of the system you don’t need other people in.”
Apache Kafka

One Apache Kafka user explains that his “organization is transforming by using the new SOA/eventing-based architecture. The application depends on the employees’ information events. Kafka is very helpful in implementing this. It increases the performance and gives the details to multiple external/internal teams using Kafka topics in an asynchronous manner.”

“If any of the consumers fail to consume the message”, he continues, “then that message will be there until the retention period ends.”

“How Would You Rank the Solution’s Scalability and Stability?”
Avada Software Infrared360

In terms of scalability, writes Brad Rogers, “it’s a pretty straightforward tool…thousands of customers have it hooked up to thousands of MQ managers…it’s very easy to implement and use.”

Rogers is also confident about the stability, writing that “it has always worked. It’s a little, lightweight product and it works great. It always did what I set it up to do.”

Apache Kafka

In terms of scalability, “we have not encountered any scalability issues”, writes an Enterprise Architect at a logistics company, as does a Technical Lead at a tech services company.

The Technical Lead shares that in terms of stability, “if you are using the same group ID for multiple topics, it may shut down the application. We have faced this issue before.”

“Where Do You See Room for Improvement?”
Avada Software Infrared360

“Some of the graphics in the interface could be improved” argues Brad Rogers, describing that “some interfaces are not up to what you’re used to seeing on other, more Windows-like tools.”

Rogers suggests that the interface “just needs to keep improving to where it looks more and more like other applications. Then, when new users come in, it’s not as hard for them to learn and navigate around the environment. It’s easy to navigate once you understand how they set their GUI up. It would be something similar to how Windows or Excel follow a certain platform design and you know exactly how they work.”

Apache Kafka

“A great free monitor tool would be great for Apache Kafka” writes an Enterprise Architect at a logistics company.

Another user suggests “a more user-friendly GUI.”

“This product guarantees at-least-once delivery. We have asked JIRA to provide features such as at-most-once delivery to remove duplicate message consumption” shares a Lead Engineer.

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