Microstrategy vs Cognos—Face Off

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review
Check out the new Face Off on IT Central Station for Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Each solution has more than 28 real user reviews and four and five star ratings!

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review

Microstrategy Review vs Cognos Review

First look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product:

Senior Manager of IT at government with 5000+ employees:

Cognos Review

“Provides us with “a single version of the truth.”

Manager of Development at tech services company with 5000+ employees:

Microstrategy Review

“Issues with reports, however can be quickly fixed.”

Here’s more of the Face Off—click each one to see all the reviews for each product:

Microstrategy vs Cognos

Now take a look at this line up of the industry’s top BI tools comparison on IT Central Station and add your perspective. You can comment on these reviews, check out what others are saying, or add a review of your own. Also make sure you check out Microstrategy alternatives and Cognos alternatives.

      Ibm                                                               qlikview                     

Cognos Express       SQL Server Reporting . . .         QlikView              Microstrategy

To see a detailed comparison between Cognos and MicroStrategy, check out IT Central Station’s comparison.

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Every review on IT Central Station has been verified to be an authentic review by a real user. You can count on our Station Master, Russell Rothstein and his team to continue to provide you with the kind of tech-buying community source that will shape the future. Take a look at how it all started here.


Microsoft BI vs Microstrategy

Microsoft BI Review vs Microstrategy Review

Check out the new Face Off on IT Central Station for Business Intelligence Tools. Each solution has more than 20 comments by real users!

Microsoft BI Review vs Microstrategy

Microsoft BI Review vs Microstrategy

Take a look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product:

CEO at tech services company with 500-5000 employees:

Microsoft BI Review

“I’m a big fan of the Report Server Project Wizard which comes with the development studio – very helpful as I become more advanced in BI!.”

CEO at analyst firm with 1-500 employees:

Microstrategy Review 

“MicroStrategy is one step ahead of much of the competition, and delivers a highly configurable and quite uniquely functional BI environment.”

Here’s more of the Face Off—click each one to see all the reviews for each product:

Microsoft BI vs Microstrategy

Now take a look at this line up of the industry’s top Business Intelligence Tools on IT Central Station and add your perspective. You can comment on these reviews, check out what others are saying, or add a review of your own. Also make sure you check out  Microsoft BI alternatives and Microstrategy alternatives.


Cognos Enterprise        Tableau       Spotfire                   OBIEE

Join the “face off” by getting involved in the Yelp for the tech-buying community.

Every review on IT Central Station has been verified to be an authentic review by a real user. You can count on the Station Master, Russell Rothstein and his team to continue to provide you with the kind of tech-buying community source that will shape the future. Take a look at how it all started here.


Microsoft BI vs Cognos

Editor’s Note: A 2017 edition of this post was recently published on February 23, 2017.

Read our updated BI review comparison: 

“BI Solutions Review Face-off: Tableau vs. QlikView vs. IBM Cognos”

Microsoft BI vs Cognos 

This week at IT Central Station check out the BI Face Off for a battle between two of the most popular Business Intelligence Tools. To see the full product comparison check out IT Central Station.

Microsoft BI vs. Cognos

Here are a sample of real user quotes from our community about these two BI giants:

Microsoft BI Review vs Cognos Review

Microsoft BI vs Cognos: Take a look at these quick summaries from expert reviewers for each product.

Microsoft BI – “Microsoft SSRS biggest advantage is its ability to integrate with other third party components. You could integrate it with Share Point web part or you can access it from a Web browser, depending on your existing scenario you don’t need to change much to be able to integrate SSRS with your existing application…Microsoft SSRS is unable to provide a mechanism where poor performance reports could be prevented to run on production environment. In case if a user creates a report which can cause huge impact on server resources/performance it should not be allowed to run on production server during normal working hours. ” Read the full informative review here.

Another reviewer writes: “There have been occasions when a certain application would work very slowly on other DB platforms and once we migrated to SQL Server the response times improved dramatically. For example, I recently migrated an application from TeraData to SQL Server and the response times for some functions were cut down from 90 seconds to about less than 1 second! This obviously speeds up the work that gets done within a day.” Read full review here.

Cognos  – “With Cognos we are able to present and analyze the KPI’s and outcomes our hospital needs to take decisions. Adding workflow functions to the reports could close the PDCA cycle and Speed of report-execution could be improved.Initial setup can be straightforward but expertise is needed to fully benefit from the capabilities of Cognos.” Read the full review here.

Another Cognos user writes: “It enables me to see trends of data we have from different angles and each end-user can run ad-hoc queries themselves. Go for it but it will require training. For us it was complex to setup for the first time and too much R&D had to be done. Later on it was easier. It may have been complex as it was our first time setting up the Cognos.” Read the full review here.

Here’s more of the Face Off— our comparison page of these two products to help you see all the great crowdsourced content on one useful page side-by-side!

Cognos vs. Tableau Endgame

When you watch a chess game—unless you’re a master—you typically don’t know all the moves and exactly how one strategy wins over another.

Cognos vs Tableau

The Cognos vs Tableau business intelligence endgame is up to you. Here on IT Central Station, find out what real users are saying—their implementation tips, tricks, and gotchas. View them during the match and before you decide your endgame.

Cognos: “The report designer, Report Studio, is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Reports can be served in multiple formats, such as PDF, HTML, Excel, or even as a JSON data source. The meta-modeling tools allows for a complex security system which can automatically filter data, in any report or ad-hoc tool, based on a user’s roles or groups. Dashboards are slow compared to other tools currently on the market. Visualizations are improving, but still difficult to get just right. The default mapping solution included is only useful for the most basic requirements.” Read the full review here.

Tableau: “I’m able to prototype charts/dashboards in hours vs days or weeks with other tools (mainly Excel). Doesn’t require me to think about the level of aggregation that I’m going to need as it deals with large data sets. Blends disparate datasets together which is awesome for plan vs actual reports where the data is a two different levels of granularity. Needs a metadata solution plus some enhanced ETL functionality.” Read the full review here.

You can also check out the Cognos vs Tableau to see a full comparison of these solutions.

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Read, Write, and We View Vendors for TechTarget VMworld Awards

Elmer_FuddDid you get Elmer Fudd, tongue tied on that?

Well, if you did who cares? The point is that you can get to enterprise vendor reviews from real users here on IT Central Station—no disguises, no vendor speak, no vender hype, just real content from the field. Now, let’s see about these awards.

As the official media partner for the VMworld Awards for the seventh year in a row, TechTarget’s staff appointed a team of experts and editors that selected winning products from more than 175 entries. The team judged the products according to their innovation, value, performance, reliability and ease of use.

Let’s quickly take a look at the run down of some of the VMworld TechTarget winners:

Category: Storage and Backup for Virtualized Environments
Winner: SimpliVity, OmniCube
Runner-up: Dell Software, Dell AppAssure 5.3.3

Category: Security and Compliance for Virtualization
Winner: AFORE Solutions, CloudLink Secure VSA
Runner-up: Intigua, Intigua Virtual Containers

Category: Virtualization Management
Winner: Eaton, Eaton Intelligent Power Manager 1.3
Runner-up: CloudPhysics, CloudPhysics

Category: Networking and Virtualization
Winner: PLUMgrid, PLUMgrid Platform
Runner-up: Anuta Networks, nCloudX 1.7

Category: Desktop Virtualization and End-User Computing
Winner: Lakeside Software, SysTrack Resolve 6.1
Runner-up: Atlantis Computing, Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI 4.0

Category: Private Cloud Computing Technologies
Winner: Nutanix, NX-6270
Runner-up: Metacloud, Carbon|OS

For the complete TechTarget article on the awards and show, click here.

For more information about any enterprise vendors, where are you going to start? It’s simple. Search for the vendors of your choice on IT Central Station.

Visit IT Central Station to browse hundreds of real user reviews of virtualization and cloud solutions including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Amazon, Red Hat, Oracle, and more.

Become a part of the “Yelp for Enterprise,” as referred to by the Wall Street Journal. Get your profile up and start reviewing, posting, and commenting. From the TechTarget awards, we have product pages for OmniCube and AppAssure that need your reviews . If you are a real user, write a review for these or others today!

Harvard Business Review—Big Data Driving Evidence-Based Narratives

MoBig Datast of us would agree that the hype around this term has subsided but it’s still cool to say, “Big Data!”

Having the right Business Intelligence Tools to harvest the velocity, volume, and variety of data makes a huge impact on how you make evidence-based decisions. In a post in the Harvard Business Review, The Value of Big Data Isn’t the Data, Kristian J. Hammond describes coupling the power of data with a contextual narrative to provide more concrete actionable results.

Here’s an example from the post from:

“For the most part, we know what we want out of the data.  We know what analysis needs to be run, what correlations need to be found and what comparisons need to be made.  By taking what we know and putting it into the hands of an automated system that can do all of this and then explain it to us in human terms, or natural language, we can achieve the effectiveness and scale of insight from our data that was always its promise but, until now, has not been delivered.  By embracing the power of the machine, we can automatically generate stories from the data that bridge the gap between numbers and knowing.”

Let’s be fair though, not everyone needs the same “narrative” from their big data harvest. Actionable results can come from all kinds of triggers such as underutilized resources that need to be consolidated. Right-sizing the provisioning of network bandwidth at the enterprise level has a huge impact on customers and end-user experience. Business processes that support internal productivity can be adequately tweaked with or without a narrative.

Find out what others are doing—your peers using the solutions offered now—check out IT Central Station’s lineup of the most reviewed business intelligence solutions here.

Microsoft BI vs IBM Cognos and More—a Big Data Shouting Match

Are you listening? You don’t want to necessarily hear people shouting about Big Data—you do, however want to hear from the crowds. Business Intelligence

Check out these real reviews from all your peers on IT Central Station. What we’re saying is stop your Big Data from becoming Bad Data by checking out who’s implementing what and where.

With a nice round of reviews like these, you won’t have to call the IT vendor sales folks until you’re absolutely ready with your questions and concerns.

With well over 20 reviews from Business Intelligence tools such as Microsoft BI, IBM Cognos, Prism, Logi Info, Microstrategy, and Qlikview, you can check over which ones are relevant to your needs.

For example, as you get involved in finding a vendor solution, a lot of time gets sucked into setting up the engagement with a vender rep. You can do a lot beforehand by finding out what others are saying whom you trust—like when you’re about to hire a plumber, you look through Yelp or some other crowdsourced media. Now it’s even easier for enterprise vendor evaluations and reviews. Look at them all now in the list below.

Business Intelligence Tools for Big Data Analysis

Big Data

Getting Started

If you’re a vendor and want to get involved check out How do we engage with this community?  Regarding reviews, if you’re a real user of any vendor solution, follow this formula to hear from peers and demonstrate your expertise:

  1. Read one
  2. Write one
  3. Comment on two

Getting involved with what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Enterprise IT” will have a huge impact on your buying decisions. To get more acquainted with social media for B2B, check out this post: IT Central Station Named One of the “Top 3 Highlights for B2B Tech Social Marketing


Are You Surprised by Who’s Kicking Butt on Social Media?

B2B Customers

B2B Customer Kicking Butt

[If you clicked here, probably not]
One of the hottest social media trends is now for B2B customers. Barry Levin at the CMSWwire has a nice run down of this recent news from Forrester: Forrester Report: The Social Media Habits of B2B Customers.

We fetched this key take-away from Barry’s post:

All business customers can be reached by social channels, and 98% of business decision-makers also read blogs, watch videos or listen to podcasts. “It’s no longer a question of whether you should use social, but how,” the report said. Just as B2B marketers target their customers for different stages of their customer lifecycle, so they now must factor in how social media is used in those stages.

He also points out that five years ago, discussing social media as a strategy for B2B made people side-eyed with skepticism.

Do you remember when someone on the marketing team said, “We just need a better white paper!”  Well, you need that too but most enterprise vendors are now asking the question in real executive-level meetings, “How are we doing on social media?” B2B customers are just using it—like crazy. Look at this graphic from the Forrester Survey:

Forrester_ReportForrester Logo

Guess who get’s mentioned in the post?  IT Central Station alongside Cisco and SAP communities!

Forrester notes that the most popular social communities tend to be niche ones focused on specific objectives, such as IT Central Station, Cisco Communities or SAP Community Network  and similar vendor-support forums or brand-related communities.

The Yelp-ification of the Enterprise

In this article by Influitive, 11 Business Technology Review Sites Where Your Advocates Can Praise You, our Station Master says:

“We’re 100% focused on the enterprise to meet the unique needs of enterprise buyers,” says Russell Rothstein, CEO of IT Central Station. ”Our visitors can be assured that the products they find in IT Central Station are ‘enterprise-class’ and high quality.”

The Wall Street Journal calls IT Central Station the “Yelp for CIOs.” Whether you’re a vendor finding out what folks are saying about your products or you’re a real user—peers helping peers in online social media is where you can kick butt finding the exact details you might need to make a crucial decision for your organization.

Take a peek here to do this now:

                       Cisco                   Ibm                  Vmware_logo               

Quality Center   Enterprise Routers   QualityStage   VMware ESXi    Oracle Data Mining

After you read one, write one, and then comment on two—reviews that is!

The Best of the Best for 2013—Enterprise Vendor Reviews!

This year’s “Best of the Best” for IT Central Station are the 100’s and 1000’s of enterprise vendor reviews that provide in-depth and head-to-head competitive analysis that leads people to better IT decision making. Yup. More is more in this case.Enterprise Vendors

Think about IT (pun intended). The more peer IT users and decision makers get involved in the premier Yelp for Enterprise IT—as stated in the Wall Street Journal and through the latest sources for IT go-to information—the more the information becomes actionable as a source to vet for buyers of IT and also for analysts, consultants, and vendors who want to cross-correlate what they’ve been hearing.

These reviews are the heartbeat, bread and butter, brains, core, and—you know what we mean—the whole reason you’re even here checking out this post.

Best of 2013 for the Blog

Although reviews are the most important, let’s take a moment to acknowledge blog posts and thought leader posts from guest bloggers.  First, check out the most popular head-to-head post on the blog: Enterprise Vendor Boxing Match—Microsoft vs Tableau

Other popular posts include a real user’s perspective on network performance monitoring in a guest blog from Eric Evans, who is one of IT Central Station’s Expert Reviewers: Inspect What You Expect: The Importance of Monitoring

Eric is a Senior Information Systems and Technology Manager at the 6th Marine Regiment Head Quarters. Click here if you would like to be one of IT Central Station’s guest bloggers.

What about this one that provides a run down of Prioritizing Gartner’s APM Model – The APM Conceptual Framework? This one was posted by Larry Dragich, Director of Enterprise Application Services at The Auto Club Group and who is also an Expert Reviewers on IT Central Station.

Most Popular Guest Blogs

Speaking of guest bloggers, this year’s most popular guest blog is by Fernando Bustillo. He is a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse expert and has experience working with SAP Business Objects, Oracle, Teradata and other enterprise solutions. Here’s the post: How to Successfully Manage BI Dashboard Projects

Second runner up goes to Fabrizio Volpe.  Fabrizio is an experienced network architect and was awarded the MVP Directory Services Award by Microsoft in 2011 and 2012. He is also the author of Microsoft Forefront UAG Mobile Configuration Starter by Packt Publishing and is an Expert Reviewer on IT Central Station. Here’s the post: Lync 2013 High Availability

Third runner up goes to Robert Goodman. Robert is one of our BI Experts on IT Central Station and recently posted about Real-time Data Collaboration with QlikView. He is the Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Georgetown University and has worked with government organizations, higher education institutions, K-12 school districts, NGO’s and commercial entities. Here’s the post: Warning Signs That You Need Better Business Intelligence

Let’s throw in one goodie. This popular post provides access to a: free BI Report

There you have it, the run down from IT Central Station. Happy Holidays and a new Year of lots of great reviews, insights, connections, collaborations, guest blogging, and great IT decision making!