How CA Technologies Leveraged IT Central Station to Increase Brand Awareness and Generate High Quality Leads

Why Peer Reviews Matter To CA Technologies

CA Technologies, formerly known as Computer Associates International, Inc. and CA, Inc., is an American multinational publicly held corporation headquartered in New York City. It ranks as one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. The company creates systems software (and previously applications software) that runs in mainframe, distributed computing, virtual machine and cloud computing environments.

B2B Reviews in Enterprise Tech Marketing Strategies

CA Technologies sought to solidify the role of B2B reviews into their marketing strategies, recognizing the importance of peer recommendations in driving product awareness, consideration, and user conversion.

They chose to engage with the enterprise technology community of IT Central Station, a crowdsourced social platform where users write in-depth product reviews and discuss technology solutions they use.

Why IT Central Station?

CA Technologies started working with IT Central Station in order to drive their potential buyers to the authentic, valuable feedback given by peers in the tech community.

IT Central Station is the leading review site for enterprise technology buyers. All reviews are in-depth and include both valuable features and room for improvement. All IT Central Station reviews are triple validated to ensure authenticity.

Within days, CA Technologies found that buyers were leveraging IT Central Station in their decision-making.

CA Technologies on IT Central Station

Currently, CA Technologies has 91 solutions listed on IT Central Station, with a total of 1,066 CA Technologies product reviews. These reviews have been viewed over 150,000 times this year, impacting thousands of buyers on their user journey.

In-depth Product Reviews

b2b reviews

CA Technologies product reviews entail user input such as ‘How Has this CA Technologies Solution Improved Your Organization?’ and ‘Where Do you Suggest Room for Improvement in this CA Technologies Solution?

Comprehensive Video Reviews

IT Central Station attended CA World in both 2015 and 2016 to collect quality user reviews in video-interview format:

CA Technologies

CA Product Rankings

In IT Central Station’s category rankings, which are compiled based on number of views, comparisons, number of reviews, and product scores based on user feedback, CA Technologies solutions rank as the #1 solution in the following categories:

API Management

Mainframe Management

Mainframe Security

Mainframe Application Development

Event Monitoring

Test Data Management

Release Automation

Workload Automation

Service Virtualization

Project Portfolio Management

Network Troubleshooting

Network Management Applications

Infrastructure Capacity Planning

License Management

“IT Central Station is an extension of our marketing efforts.”

This statement was made by Cameron Von Orman, SVP Product Marketing at CA Technologies.

Von Orman elaborates on how CA Technologies leveraged IT Central Station to “confirm the capability of our products in the Enterprise IT market” —

“The IT Central Station peer review platform creates a no-pressure environment for our customers to provide honest feedback that their peers in the technology industry are much more inclined to trust. Peer reviews are an increasingly valuable part of a buyer’s journey.

CA is now well represented on a neutral and unbiased channel where the capabilities and quality of our solutions are demonstrated through the reviews of our users, who are solving real, complex business challenges.

The reviews and competitive comparison reports have not only helped us confirm the capability of our products in the Enterprise IT market, but have also helped with our lead generation, making these services an extension of our marketing efforts.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with IT Central Station, and utilizing the range of complementary services that they have to offer.”

Interested in learning more about IT Central Station?

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Top APM Tools

Application Performance Management (APM) is a way for companies to monitor and manage their software applications and performance. It is a critical function managed by DevOps, IT operations, application teams, developers, support teams, business managers, and other application professionals.

Here at IT Central Station, we offer a crowdsourced platform that allows real users to share their opinions about tech products with the rest of the enterprise tech community. We have compiled over 70,000 views of the top APM tools by real users in the past year and analyzed their trends in the infographic below. All of our data is based on actual behavior of real users researching and comparing APM vendors on IT Central Station.

See all APM reviews here.


The most compared APM solutions for the first half of the year was CA APM v. New Relic with 774 comparisons by real users, while the most compared for the second half of the year was Appdynamics v. Dynatrace with 730. The most compared APM solutions of all of 2014 were Dynatrace v. New Relic, with over 1,127 comparisons on IT Central Station.

If you have any questions regarding our research or would like to read our reviews, please visit our APM section on IT Central Station at

Want to learn more about the top APM solutions on the market? Watch our recorded PeerPanel Webinar – APM Solutions: A User Perspective Roundtable.

Download our infographic in PDF format.

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Review Roundup: IT Infrastructure Monitoring

This week’s Review Roundup is about IT Infrastructure Monitoring. This is a fast growing category at IT Central Station and our community of real users has a lot to say about the solutions they are using. Here are a few useful excerpts: magnifying-glass-450690_640

ScienceLogic – “ScienceLogic works with us to solve our problems and make our services better. We were able to reduce faults and nuisance alarms by 40 percent within a short time of implementing and using the ScienceLogic platform.  We chose the ScienceLogic platform because it really met and exceeded all of the requirements that we had put forth in the RFI. We will be moving a lot more services off premises to cloud providers and ScienceLogic already provides monitoring capabilities for public cloud providers. It fits in very well with what we expect to be doing in the future.” Read the full review here.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (previously Nimsoft Monitor) – “The scalability of the product and heterogeneous OS coverage is really what sets this product apart from others. Other features like synthetic (e2e) transaction monitoring, OOTB application support as well as the UMP (Unified Monitoring Portal) are the icing on the cake. CA UIM is really built for the MSP and multi-tenant environments, although companies of all sizes are able to benefit from it. My company is a managed service provider and there are really no other products that allow us to manage multiple customer environments like UIM. I’ve heard that there is now a free tool (CA UIM Snap) for up to 30 devices, but I haven’t used it yet.” Read the full review here.

Nagios – “Nagios is an open source monitoring tool for monitoring network services. Installation is quite easy and the interface is user-friendly and configurable. We can monitor disk space, CPU utilization, memory usage, host availability, NFS availability and a lot of other things. Nagios provides most features by default, however to add more services to it, it requires additional plugins … So far, clustering and failover of Nagios is not available…” Read the full review here.

You can look at other reviews in this category like Zabbix, more ScienceLogic and CA UIM reviews, as well as side-by-side comparisons to help your research process (Nagios vs. CA UIM, Zabbix vs. Nagios for starters!)

IAM Tools: Reviews of IBM, CA, Oracle

Does Your Business Need To Think About IAM?IAM

Identity and Access Management tools (IAM tools for short) is a critical ingredient for bringing efficiency and security to your business. It enables all the right people to access the important information they need quickly; and, possible even more significantly, it denies other individuals access if they are not authorized to view such data.

The issue has become increasingly more complex with the introduction of multiple devices and environments used to access and share the same data. With so many identities and tools attempting to retrieve information, it can be difficult to control the security of these sensitive files. By denying access to most people through the strictest procedures, developers are suffocating the workflow and causing major damage to deadlines and deal closures since the right people cannot get their files when they need them. And this is when IAM steps in to alleviate these all too common business issues. A properly managed system, on the other hand, will allow even the newest users of the system to learn how to manage it quickly and with speed.

IAM & Modern Technology

With so many different people in different countries using various devices and services to access your information, it seems apparent that a business would require some form of Identity and Access Management. When you add in the cloud element to all of this, you quickly realize the necessity to utilize these tools in order to keep your information secure at all times, regardless of who, what, where, when or why somebody is trying to call up the current information.

The Future of IAM

The future of IAM rests in the hands of the developers. Some major leaders in this field of technology include Oracle Identity Manager, IBM IAM and CA’s Identity Manager and Access Control software. Many of our users prefer the Oracle model because it provides plenty of flexibility in terms of creating customized access policies for different types of users. Even users who enjoy working with the IBM services found the TIM to be difficult to manage. On the other hand, while not as well known to the industry, CA is gaining in popularity with beneficially features such as a data scrambler that jumbles the file information when a hack is attempted.

Does your company use an IAM solution? Which one? Please share your experience with the IT Central Station security and risk community. Welcome to the conversation!