DDoS Protection Solutions — New User Reviews 2017

What are real users in the enterprise tech community saying about DDoS protection solutions in 2017?

This week’s blog post looks at new DDoS protection reviews from 2017 on IT Central Station. Users discuss which features they’ve found most valuable and where they hope to see room for improvement.

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Imperva Incapsula

Ram Saiegh shares that “We are using Incapsula as our web application firewall and for DDoS protection, and it performs really well at its job.

Incapsula packs some great features, such as SSL support, content caching and the ability to ‘play’ with the rules as much as you’d like.”

When suggesting areas for improvement, Steven Tipton writes that “reporting and the main site’s dashboard could use refinement. We have a lot of sites, and scrolling through the dashboard becomes cumbersome.”


Adrian Volcoff writes that “DNS Management is the most valuable feature of the product on the free plan, and the CDN options are robust on the business plan.”

Aum e Hani shares how in terms of improvement, “For DDoS protection and website downtime, it would be nice to have a feature to provide email/SMS alerts that can be implemented like Pingdom and other solutions.”


David Bendersky writes that “DDoS Alarming allows us to get a feel for the bandwidth of an attack and determine if mitigation is needed to prevent collateral damage. Secondly, the flow analysis lets us look at how traffic is transiting our network. This allows us to optimize metrics to reduce cost.

Kentik answers the flow question: what are my flows, where are they are going, and what can I do to better optimize my connectivity. Kentik also baselines flow behavior and can alert you when there are abnormal flows such as DDoS.”

“I would like to see more granular user and security rights”, writes Swen Wulf. “Currently, a user can be a member or an administrator. I would like to limit what a user can see, be it IP or interface. I would like to be able to give my customers access to the data explorer with just their data.”

Radware DefensePro

Paul Oakley lists “Data scrubbing and unmatched DDoS protection” as Radware DefensePro’s valuable features.

Oakley also shares his experience that “We needed support for testing and implementation. They will point you to tutorials and assist you where needed.”


Vikrant Jhala writes “I found the most valuable feature is WAF (Web Application Firewall). It helps to block external attacks into a website and provides Advance DDoS protection and free SSL support as part of Cloudbric’s free service.”

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What do enterprise tech users emphasize in DDoS Protection solution reviews?

The top 5 DDoS Protection solutions in the IT Central community are:

  1. Imperva Incapsula
  2. CloudFlare
  3. SiteLock
  4. Kentik
  5. Cloudbric

Within our DDoS Protection reviews, Imperva Incapsula and CloudFlare rank at 8.8 and 8.4, respectively. Here is what users in the IT Central Station community have to say about Imperva Incapsula and CloudFlare:

Imperva Incapsula

Who Uses Imperva Incapsula?

Imperva Incapsula users at IT Central Station are commonly from the financial or companies in the non-tech industry, and from real estate, law, or marketing services firms. 44% of our users using Imperva Incapsula work in small businesses, 42% in the large enterprise, and 14% in the midsize enterprise.

Imperva Incapsula is ranked the #1 DDoS Protection Software in IT Central Station, by real users themselves. Read quotes from their reviews below:

‘How Has Imperva Incapsula Improved your Organization?’

“We can now quickly respond to issues, as opposed to trying to find the technical problem on our end. We can now quickly address the problems of our clients in an effective manner.”

Juan Ramirez, Client Relations Coordinator at a marketing services firm.

“Imperva Incapsula has reduced spammers during competitions as well as bot reduction.”

RyanDe Melo, AVP Product Development and Architecture at a media company.

“Automatic failover between primary and secondary sites enables high availability and accelerates disaster recovery. As soon as it detects that the primary site has gone down, it automatically kick-starts our standby data center.”

Sudesh Kumar Bhadouria, Tech Arch Consulting Senior Analyst Digital Interactive at a tech services company.

“Well, just by using the security rules to block all secured areas by IP minimized the chance of sensitive data leaking outside.”

Assaf Fridman, System Administrator at a tech services company.

‘Where is there Room for Improvement in Imperva Incapsula?’

“HTML minification could be improved. The actual HTML minification does not provide the maximum HTML minification.”

Mattea Da Pozzo, Network Security Consultant at a tech consulting company

“Maybe another pricing tier for home uses with a few more features above the free version.  

An appliance for large enterprise customers.”

Ian Huntington-Goodall, Director at a tech company.


Who Uses CloudFlare?

Cloud Flare users at IT Central Station are commonly from marketing services firms, engineering companies, energy/utilities companies, and universities. 71% of our users using CloudFlare work in small businesses, 19% in the large enterprise, and 10% in the midsize enterprise.

CloudFlare is ranked the #2 DDoS Protection Software in IT Central Station, by real users themselves. Read quotes from their reviews below:

‘How Has CloudFlare Improved your Organization?’

“It offers single-point DNS management for all of the company’s domains that might be registered with different registrars.

Refreshing the site cache is very fast and easy, and the developer’s mode is also a great feature.”

Adrian Volcoff, Online Marketing & Development Manager at an engineering company

“it helps me manage DNS records for more than 100 domains with ease. It helps in web page optimization & helps keep the website secure. If it was not for CloudFlare, I would have to hire a dedicated resource to manage all this for me. However, not even couple of hours a week on CloudFlare helps me offer fast & secure websites to my clients mostly for free or at a very minimal cost.”

Mayank Gupta, WordPress Developer & Consultant at a tech services company

‘Where is there Room for Improvement in CloudFlare?’

“What I still fail to understand is that why aren’t they offering domains themselves. I’d love to buy the domain name directly from them rather than buying it from other registrars and then connecting them through CloudFlare.”

Mayank Gupta, WordPress Developer & Consultant at a tech services company

“With CDN loads, sometimes we get an error that the host server is unavailable when the connection between CloudFlare and the server timed out. But now, we get the always online page, so the customer hardly notices a problem.”

Adrian Volcoff, Online Marketing & Development Manager at an engineering company

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