Veeam vs. EMC vs Acronis vs Unitrends: Review Round-up for Backup Solutions

EMC vs Acronis vs Microsoft

This week we present a roundup of the latest reviews of backup solutions from the IT Central Station community. Choosing the right solution can be a critical business and technology decision. Read what our real users have to say about these solutions: Veeam vs. EMC vs Acronis vs Unitrends.

Reviews of Backup Solutions from Real Users 

Veeam Backup – “There are a number of great features such as WAN acceleration, deduplication & compression, replication and the grandfather-father-son backup tree. Not to mention backup to tape which has been a key reason to migrate to Veeam. The primary feature of most value to me is the SureBackup and SureReplica featureset. Having the ability to verify backups and replicas of critical servers in a sandboxed environment means that I can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the data is valid and I can confidently restore data and services if required by the business. Snapshot capabilities within NetApp would also be high on that list.” Read the full Veeam review here.

EMC Avamar “I have experienced these scenarios numerous times with traditional full/incremental backup products. The more you backup, the more storage you consume and that means longer backup windows. When I first started in my current position, we were backing up 100 servers with specific savesets. At that time, we had over 500 production servers. As you can imagine, this was a nightmare scenario waiting to happen. We were only able to fulfill about 75% of our restore requests. Not because the savesets where corrupt, but because we weren’t backing up what was requested for restore. Fortunately, we were able to invest in a new purpose-built deduplicated backup appliance. (EMC Avamar, but there are other products on the market). Avamar is a disk based global deduplication backup appliance.” Read the full Avamar review.

Acronis“We update our Vaccination Tracking System (VTS) software on a monthly basis with software patches and added features, with Acronis Backup & Recovery, it enables us to always revert to the initial state when we experience challenges with the test environment. Because of the numerous reports we get from our staff in the filed while using the VTS, ABR allows us to incrementally backup important changes as we continually try to fix compatibility issues with different scenarios. Works very well with real-time backup of our database files server when staff upload information captured from polio vaccination tracking. Room for Improvement: Over the Network Backup.” Read the full Acronis review.

Unitrends -“With Unitrends CloudHook you have the possibility to archive your backups in the cloud. In earlier days we had to put our long-term backups on tape, because having the data that was been backuped in the same datacenter was no option. Getting it on tape and then moving it to another location ensured us of data salvation in case of a major event. Differential and incremental backups cannot be in the same schedule. A full backup must be in the schedule. The incremental forever strategy is not supported.” Read the full Unitrends review.

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Backup Solution Review Roundup: Acronis vs. EMC vs. Veeam

This week’s review roundup is a selection from recent reviews of Backup solutions written by IT Central Station community members.

backupOur community members have shared a range of informative reviews, giving readers real user experiences of these IT solutions. Making sure you use the right Backup solution can be critical to the smooth operation of your business. Read what our real users have to say about the solutions they are using:

Acronis – “It allows us to backup our remote sites to a local NAS device, and allows for easy retrieval of data…back in the early days it was almost impossible to get a week’s worth of backup data without having to start all over again. And by that I mean uninstall, reinstall the whole product. It suffers from these issues less now but that is because we have learned which way to deal with the software and how best to make it work in our environment. It does not do “what it says on the tin” at all. You have to work it out yourself.” Read the full review here.

EMC Data Domain – “Efficient De-duplication, highly efficient replication, Data Domain BOOST for enabling a level of ‘Source-Side’ De-duplication.For many clients it has provided a Backup & Archive tier of storage separate from primary storage systems, replicated so as to eliminating the need for tape and has enabled organisations to achieve backups within backup windows and provide an appropriate place to tier and archive inactive data too whilst ensuring it is protected, secure and recoverable. Tighter integration with certain storage arrays or software for even more seamless data tiering perhaps, however the system is quite hard to fault as it ‘just works’.” Read the full review here.

Veeam – “Veeam has saved us many hours retrieving deleted files as well as testing backups. Our old backup solution was getting to the point where we could not go more than a couple of days without backups failing. With Veeam we have not had any time where backups did not run. We also have been able to run since January 2014 with no “failed” backups. The performance is slow when making changes. I am unable to determine if the cause is slow disk that we use for our storage, of if Veeam is slow. When I delete a VM in Veeam it takes about 20 minutes to delete the backups with 83 restore points.” Read the full review here.

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