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The Weekly Roundup: Tableau

The Weekly Roundup: Tableau

This week’s roundup explores what’s being said in our collection of Tableau reviews. Tableau is one of the fastest growing BI tools in the market. There are so many solutions on the market and it’s hard to know which is best for your organization. Today, let’s see what our real users are saying about Tableau.
Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:

· User Bernhardsmith who is a consultant at a financial services firm says “it has some of the best conceived “template” graphs I’ve seen in any package”

· Doug Lautzenheiser is an owner of tech consulting firm, says that “Tableau is the type of visual analytics software that Microsoft itself should have added to Excel.”

· Bob Samuels is working at a media company with 5,000+ employees gives it 5 star rating but says one of its limitations is its price. It is not cheap.

· Ted Cuzzillo, an industry analyst, says that in Tableau “workbooks can be passed around in a variety of ways forever”

· Marc A is a BI Expert gives it 4 star rating and says that performance of Tableau can be tricky on large datasets .

· Guillermo Cabiro who is R&D Director at tech consulting firm says “It has a full pivot, drag & drop and drill down capability that’s great for or power users”

· And finally, Lazarmihai who is a project Manager at a software R&D company gives Tableau 3 star rating saying it is very flexible and simple for a user to create reports with parameters and filters.

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