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Who’s Managing Your IT Assets?

This week’s featured reviewer is Eric Evans. Eric is a Senior Information Systems and Technology Manager at the 6th Marine Regiment Head Quarters. He has over 15 years of experience working with multi-disciplinary technology strategies and agile information systems management. Eric is also a Expert Reviewer on IT Central Station and has written several in-depth reviews including ones about IBM Cognos Enterprise and IBM Blade Servers. Contact us if you would like to be one of our guest bloggers.


As companies continue to grow and expand, enterprise IT asset management grows increasingly important. Enterprise asset management controls the IT assets of an enterprise from budgeting and planning through end of asset life. Without a comprehensive enterprise asset management program in place, IT assets can cost far more than necessary through waste and redundancy and overly complex management and maintenance.

There are huge amounts of information gathered by many ERP, EAM, CMMS, and other systems that the dilemma for many organizations is how to identify the most relevant information. And if that wasn’t enough there is too much data being gathered in many organizations to be reasonably interpreted.

About a year ago my organizations finalized its decision to retire an out dated asset tracking program and replace it with a more scalable and reliable global ruggedized support system that combines logistics data and transportation technologies. We wanted to improve our response time during emergencies and enhance our ability to track and shift personnel, equipment, and supplies.

For the last several months I’ve had the opportunity to personally study and work with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite.

I was a little skeptical at first, since my organization has IT assets stretched all over globe. But within two weeks I began to notice an improvement with my ability to track and manage asset location, asset configuration, and maintenance activities with a reduced requisition request cycle time by 80%, from three days to 10 minutes. Two years ago it would have taken several systems just to accomplish these tasks.Linking

Today managers in my organization have access to a single unified source of integrated information across our supply chain, which allows us to make more informed decisions and eliminates the need to reconcile conflicting data in multiple systems.

From time to time my job requires a great deal of travel and as a result has hindered my ability to track and manage the IT assets for my organization. Even during an assignment in Afghanistan Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite gave me the same access and control capability that I have here in the U.S., via a Federated Private Cloud.

I recommend Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite to any organization that’s really serious about asset management.

By implementing Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite, your organization will be able to view every asset in their enterprise, allowing them to control and manage IT assets, eliminate waste and redundancy, and comply with ever-increasing government regulations

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Ariel Lindenfeld

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