3 Tips for Managing the Reputation of Your Product, Service and Company

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reputation2We just read an interesting post entitled Yelp: 5 Tips for Managing the Reputation of Your Firm. With Yelp becoming such a popular rating site for local businesses, it’s clear that there’s a need for these businesses to ensure their profile looks best on the Yelp site.

IT Central Station is a site for product reviews and ratings too. But instead of reviews of dentists, restaurants and other local businesses that you find on Yelp, IT Central Station provides reviews of enterprise technology products and services including software, hardware, applications, cloud services and other services. So what we’ve done here is adapt the fine advice from Clickz to provide vendors with the top tips for managing the reputation of your product and service on IT Central Station:

1. Encourage reviews from current or former customers. Open up your customer list and take a look at your list of happy customers. If you’re confident that the product/service you provided was a success, you’re likely to see plenty of positive feedback. Even if the reviews you receive aren’t all five stars, they’re still wins; take comments as constructive criticism and use them as foundation for improvement. If you’re uncomfortable asking for reviews outright, include a link to your IT Central Station page on your website and in your email signature instead.

2. Respond to IT Central Station reviews. Many businesses assume that IT Central Station is a one-way venue for clients to voice praise or bad experiences. The beauty of IT Central Station, however, is its interactivity. As a vendor, you should take the time to respond to reviews – both positive and negative – on a regular basis. While vendors cannot directly contact any reviewers, vendors can post public responses  – for instance to notify that a bug has been fixed, a missing feature is included in the roadmap, etc. Some professionals worry that replying to negative posts sheds an unnecessary spotlight on the blemish, but if done tastefully, a vendor’s response can take the edge off a scathing review. Letting clients know that their opinion matters puts you in the proactive spot. While it may be too late to rectify the precise problem, you can still salvage a relationship (or potential referral) and make changes for the future.

3. And most important…deliver the best product and service to your customers. Focus on delighting your customers, delivering to them the best product and service with the best customer service possible. If you do this, you’re sure to be recognized with great reviews!


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