Announcing the Crowdsourced “Comparison Wheel” for 2,000 Enterprise Tech Solutions

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Analytics from 34,000+ real user comparisons provide insights into choosing solutions based on trusted information from peers.

We are excited to announce today that we launched the Comparison Wheel for over 2,000 enterprise technology products and services, based on crowdsourced data. Each comparison wheel provides insights into alternative solutions based on over 34,000 real user comparisons performed at the IT Central Station website since October 2013. The Comparison Wheel is updated in real-time and represents the most up to date snapshot of what other real enterprise users are considering when selecting vendors.

Comparison WheelThe Comparison Wheel is available immediately for enterprise solutions in categories such as Big Data, cloud, mobile, security, networking, storage, CRM, marketing software, business apps, and many more. For example, the Microstrategy Comparison Wheel shows the most actively compared solutions in the business intelligence market including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, QlikView, and many more.

“IT Central Station is an invaluable source for us to get opinions from other enterprise users, in a trusted environment,” said Diane Schwarz, Chief Technical Officer at Textron (NYSE:TXT) a multi-industry company with annual revenues of $12 billion, and over 33,000 employees. “The Comparison Wheel, in addition to the validated product reviews and peer connections, will help us make the best technology purchasing decisions for our needs.”

Use of the Comparison Wheel is free and is available immediately at IT Central Station.


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