Application Lifecycle Management Reviews – Best of 2016

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An application lifecycle management suite takes care of the governance, development, and general maintenance of all the computer programs within a network. 2016’s top solutions were ranked by the IT Central Station community, and you can read their full application lifecycle management reviews here. Now see where the future of ALM vendors is leading with the best solutions for enterprise professionals in 2017.

Application Lifecycle Management Reviews from our users


JIRA is the most popular application lifecycle management vendor according to our tech experts. Joe Friedrichsen says about the powerful product, “Using this for backlog prioritization is the key to either kanban or scrum processes. JIRA does a great job of articulating the story and adding elements to the story to help in the prioritization. If you are overseeing multiple projects, it allows you to easily follow the team’s progress. Another feature is the ability to incorporate add-ons. It’s great to have for those one-off processes you need. For example, the integration with Confluence.”

Room for Improvement

Several users, including Matt Shelton, feel Jira needs better “collaboration on open action items and active ongoing projects” to improve the product.


With the highest average rating from IT Central Station community members, HPE ALM runs off of a centralized repository and is one of the first unified technology-agnostics AMS on the market. As Mike Puntumapanitch puts it, “ALM is our gold source repository for quality. That’s where we store everything, from requirements, test cases, defects, and all of the artifacts around certifying that quality is evident in every release, in every STLC product we produce.”

Room for Improvement

At the same time, Mr. Puntumapanitch, commented that HPE ALM needs a huge UI overhaul to make it more user friendly.


Visual Studio Team Foundation Software (TFS) is Microsoft’s homegrown ALM suite. Available both locally and in the cloud, TFS follows software development along the entire IT lifecycle. IT Central Station community user Raúl Lendinez Álvarez says, “With TFS we can manage the whole application lifecycle with a single product, and it is visible for all the team members. We use it to perform continuous integration, making build operations each night and increasing quality process to prevent code regressions.”

Room for Improvement

Some members believe that TFS is too complicated for SCM and IT personnel to manage. Alexander Igubnov says that the system has to be more simplistic and interactive.

HPE Agile Manager

HPE Agile Manager is one of the top five ALM solutions according to our enterprise reviewers. Feature-rich dashboards, quality Sprint task boards, and both dev and testing community integration makes this product stand out.

Carl Parkin enjoys several HPE Agile Manager features including “all of the metrics that you can get on-demand, pulling from ALM Quality Center. Test runs and all of that kind of stuff. Also the way the user stories can be in some kind of architecture, so themes, features, user stories, linking those from one to another to another, being able to link two different entities to one story card that might be dependent on another one being complete, you can link those two.”

Room for Improvement

At the same time, user Jonathan Graham would like to see wider support for IDEs and NetBeans support.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform

Parasoft Development Testing Platform is easy to use and administer. Hristo Damyanov thinks “active directory authorization through ldap is valuable,” and has noted that this solution “has enabled the company’s test teams to automate the most common and trivial tests, saving time and delivering consistency.”

Room for Improvement

Damyanov also notes that there is room for improvement in the area of tool integration.

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