Application Performance Management Tools: What Real Users Are Saying

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When it comes to enterprise tech professionals using Application Performance Management tools, what are their top suggestions and points of feedback for other users?

In this collection of APM reviews, we’ve handpicked the most useful review topics that will shed insight on the top solutions in today’s enterprise tech market.


“How Has Using CA APM Improved Your Organization?”

Jadieep Singh Sra, Consultant:

“In our organization, the critical applications are being monitored with thresholds set for any malfunctioning through Application Performance Management. Also, we have configured Dashboards which display any deviation of the application from normal…Overall the Tools helps to detect any issue emerging with in-depth analysis available for the resolution through APM components.”

Manish A. Parikh, ESM Engineer:

“APM is a new culture here so we are working with customers in getting them introduced to the product. We want to show them how Deep Dive provided by APM can help them with DevOps lifecycle as well as proactive monitoring…Will continue to show customers the usefulness of this tool and how they can use it to generate reports on their app performance as well as the service it provides…”

“Where Do you See Room for Improvement in CA APM?”

Mike Miller, Principal Analyst at a Communications Service Provider:

“I think as we’re all moving forward to automated deployments, it’d be nice to have that out-of-the-box with this product. Also, scaling it, the data nodes writing automatically would be a very nice feature.”

Ryan Combe, Data Analyst:

“I’d like some simpler dashboards; some easier reporting. Everything looks a little too technical. To show our executives, it needs to look a little nicer.”

AppDynamics APM

“How Has Using AppDynamics APM Improved Your Organization?”

Sid Roy, VP Operations and Client Support:

“We are a services organization, so we use AppDynamics with our customers. It has allowed us to expand our footprint in the application management business with virtually all of our major accounts…We have a new value proposition for our customers- enhanced visibility, enhanced stability, and we can reduce our costs to them because our cost structure is reduced by using AppDynamics.”

Gustin Eaton, Application Support Lead:

“Once we got AppDynamics, we could see that this part of the application is where the issue is. When they’re trying to process these certain files, something’s wrong in this sector. We may still have to reboot the servers to get the customers up and running immediately, but then we can circle back around that day and address the actual issue.”

“Where Do you See Room for Improvement in AppDynamics APM?”

David A. Wheeler, Production Operations SysAdmin:

“The product has a pretty diverse metrics browser, but I’d like to see better out-of-the-box visual reporting so that we can roll this up to management. I have no doubt that will be improved in the next release.”

Louay Chamma, Operations Project Manager:

“The business transaction limit. We didn’t even know (about it), but when we encountered that, a lot of business transactions were actually being lost because they couldn’t be captured anymore. Again, we’re making tweaks to the system and constantly learning about it. It’s a very complex application, and requires almost a full-time person to be in there working on it all the time.”

HPE AppPulse Suite

“How Has Using HPE AppPulse Suite Improved Your Organization?”

ProjectMngr1948, Manager of Smart Services:

“It has proactively reduced the number of crashes, hence I know before the issue actually happens. I do carry out the testing during QA and pre-production environment.”

Leonard Tocco, Supervisor Infrastructure:

“We use AppPulse to look at two of our most important applications. Our contact centers that take calls from our customers, and our website that our customers use to pay bills online, etc…We’ve been able to find misconfigured network segments, we’ve been able to find data we’ve never had before…and customer portals that we probably would not have found on our own without AppPulse.”

“Where Do you See Room for Improvement in HPE AppPulse Suite?”

Jisela Hernandez Suastes, Subaddress Production Management:

“Currently, the information for management teams and technical teams are in the same view, but it would be useful if we could separate these views.”

Joe Rolfes, Application Development Specialist Lead:

“Right now you can schedule downtime on a one-off basis. I’d like to be able to schedule application downtime if I know the application I’m monitoring is going to be down, and the one I’m responsible for needs to go down every night for a scheduled recycle. I have to schedule it manually everyday, but I would love to say, “Every night at 2:00 in the morning it’s going to be down, so don’t monitor it for an hour.” This would prevent false positives saying that the application’s down.”


“How Has Using Dynatrace Improved Your Organization?”

Randall Hinds, Program Manager:

“We isolated to root cause on multiple occasions, identified performance bottlenecks in load balanced app infra, and delivered unparalleled usage and performance reporting for newly designed applications.”

SysAdmin9707, Systems Administrator III:

Dynatrace facilitates great live performance monitoring, allowing us to easily and visually detect problems before they become a large impact issue to the business. It is not uncommon to detect and quickly use various drill down options such as PurePath to quickly identify and provide initial analysis on problems.”

“Where Do you See Room for Improvement in Dynatrace?”

Randall Hinds, Program Manager:

“Decodes on less used/popular protocols are available, but they should be included.  Additional investment should not be required.”

SysAdmin9707, Systems Administrator III:

  • “Either use fewer system resources and be faster or use more resources to pre-compute the PurePath on recent X minutes of data.
  • More flexibility with refresh times.
  • More UI options.”

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