Authentication Systems Reviews – Best of 2016

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What are authentication systems?

The best enterprise authentication systems will provide secure access to various areas of a network while ensuring that unauthorized individuals remain barred from entry. IT Central Station has real user authentication systems reviews written by enterprise technology professionals with experience and expertise in the field.

You can read authentication systems reviews on IT Central Station for top ranked solutions, to help you decide about investing in a new authentication system in 2017.

Authentication Systems Reviews from real users
Authentication Systems Reviews from real users

Symantec VIP

Symantec VIP provides users with a strong authentication system that can easily be accessed remotely and from a variety of devices. Using a four-digit pin and a 30-second regenerated token system, Symantec VIP allows access from iPads, smartphones, and other remote location devices. Some of this system’s strong points, according to our community, include:

  • Easy integration into an existing authentication system
  • Straightforward end user acceptance
  • Quick and simple remote login

However, some ITCS product reviewers said that Symantec VIP needed to be more user friendly during the installation process. VIP manager authentication also needs to be run through LDAP or AD for a more thorough process.

RSA Authentication Manager

RSA authentication manager is the platform that runs behind the scenes of the RSA Authentication Manager software. It’s main functionality is that it allows for a more centralized experience, so users can access the software from a variety of locations and devices with one localized manager.

Managers looking for a quality authentication system will find the following advantages of  choosing RSA Authentication Manager:

  • Flexible administrative roles
  • Full scalability (even to millions of users)
  • Hard and soft tokens for various security situations

One improvement users would like to see is better reporting sent via email to boost efficiency.


RSA SecurID is an authentication system that is widely used across the world, servicing thousands of companies across industries. In addition to the standard VPN service, SecurID offers BYOD, mobile, and cloud-based security options. Other benefits according to our users include:

  • Easy, secure access to networks
  • Streamlined authentication process with soft tokens
  • Random token generation

At the same time, our community notes that SecurID would do well to make a more secure self-provisioning option and allow for more flexibility in the installation process (not limiting it to merely virtual Linux environments).

CA Advanced Authentication

Noted by our users as one of the most cost-effective authentication systems on the market, CA Advanced Authentication gives users the ability to collect data and assess risk based on various factors without being obtrusive. Users note that the system secures password and network access using a variety of security features including:

  • Device fingerprinting
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Wide range of authentication methods including soft tokens, two-step authentication, and others.

One major flaw in the CA authentication system according to the IT Central Station community is the way the user IDs are stored. Set up as a cookie, IDs are often erased, making the setup process cumbersome. This needs to be addressed.

Gemalto Protiva

Protiva is based on Gemalto’s smart card technology, making it one of the stronger authentication systems vendors out there. Users note that features they like include having the flexibility to implement several security features like:

  • OTP
  • Biometric authentication
  • Smart card technology

Users can also appreciate the full Microsoft native support that comes with Protiva. This system does come with a big price tag, though many customers affirm that it is worth the investment.

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