Backup and Recovery Software Reviews: Expert Advice from Real Users

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What advice do backup and recovery software experts give to potential buyers? In this week’s blog post, we’ve handpicked advice from our most useful backup and recovery software reviews, where users give tips on cost and licensing, technical support, organizational improvements, and more.

Technical Support

Andrew Salinger, Code42 CrashPlan User

Technical support are professionals: 10/10. Replies are timely, and we’re able to find solutions with their online support/resolve issues in two instances when I was looking for solutions at the end of the work day and tech was not available.”

Cost and Licensing Advice

Advice from Matt Baltz, Veeam Backup User

“Go for the availability suite which includes Veeam One. It can be had for an incremental cost and it provides very actionable alerts.”

Advice from Ken Bailey, Code42 CrashPlan User

“Do your research; some other companies might be cheaper, but the support and ease of use are well worth it. Code42 has continued its professionalism and support from when they were trying to get us as customers to doing an excellent job keeping us as customers.”

Improvements to My Organization

Advice from Chris Childerhose, Veeam Backup User

“With moving the Veeam server to a physical server and creating a Proxy server on each of the hosts, we are able to leverage SAN based backup which is very fast. Jobs are completed overnight and never run into the business hours.”

Advice from Jason Antes, HPE Data Protector User

“It allows us to have confidence in our backups and in our ability to restore them. Data Protector is a very mature product that allows custom backups, scheduling, and copying in a manner that reduces the amount of time spent with backups from an administrative point of view.”


Advice from Jeff Brown, Code42 CrashPlan User

“We had no issues with scalability and it was one of the main features that lead us to CrashPlan to begin with. Our deployment has been able to grow with us with no problems.”

Room for Improvement

Advice from Gary Pyett, HPE Data Protector User

“One of the things that they need to look at is the scheduler. At the moment, there are two ways to schedule a backup. There’s a simple scheduler and an advanced scheduler. You have to do one or the other. Using the advanced scheduler is the only way to prioritize the backups. I’d like to see that merged into just one single scheduler that allows you to prioritize the backups. At the moment, backups come in and they queue with no priorities.”

Chaim Y. Kopciel, Altaro VM Backup User

“I need to be able to restore emails to Exchange Live, not just to a PST. This is a major drawback as I want to be able to restore individual items or mailboxes directly into my live Exchange databases so the user can see the email right away. I was able to do this with Backup Exec years ago (before I used Hyper-V). For example, I had to restore a user’s contact I first restored the contacts to a PST file then imported the PST into Outlook.”

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