Backup and Recovery Software Reviews — Best of 2016

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The average review rating for Backup and Recovery Softwares in the IT Central Station Community ranks at 8.0, based on the 213 reviews that our users have contributed in 2016.

All software reviews are written by real users from our community of enterprise tech professionals, and evaluate softwares based on valuable features, organizational improvements, scalability and stability, technical support, ROI contributions, among others.

Here are the Top Backup and Recovery Solutions of 2016, according to the IT Central Station community:

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Veeam Backup

“Having the ability to verify backups and replicas of critical servers in a sandboxed environment means that I can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the data is valid and I can confidently restore data and services if required by the business” shares Senior Systems Engineer Derek Hennessey.

Rafael DelCastillo, also a Senior Systems Engineer, shares how his tech services company “moved our entire data center, from one physical location to another, mind you we are 24 hour operation with sites across the state relying on the systems being up, and we never lost one hour of downtime.”

Room for Improvement

“Tape support is there, but needs improvement” continues DelCastillo….“Reporting is lacking unless you get additional product. Very basic reporting. This would be an easy area to improve upon.”

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HPE Data Protector

Matthias Lichtinger identifies Data Protector as “software that we use to make system backups…if we lose data, we can recover it. That’s the biggest benefit.”

“From a data protection standpoint, HPE Data Protector reduced our and our customer’s recovery time. It also gave them an advantage in the industry in that they are able to fall back quicker.” shares Scot Colmer.

Room for Improvement

Colmer then elaborates that while he doesn’t use HPE Data Protector on a regular basis, “there are always feature improvements that our customers are looking for, such as more integration from an API perspective with different applications and cloud platforms. Also, broader integration to the ecosystem as it relates to the cloud and the application API.”


Code42 CrashPlan

“The file restore functionality and remote backup for remote users is fantastic” according to IT Manager Andrew Salinger.

Salinger finds Code42 CrashPlan to be “invaluable when someone needs to restore files that they have lost or encrypted. Or, if they are just upgrading, we can save a lot of time with the remote restore as well.”

Room for Improvement

“The usability of the cold storage could be a little more user friendly” argues End User Technology Manager, Rex Sarchet.

Sarchet explains that accessing the data from cold storage is “quite a process”, and suggests a “different licensing level for cold storage accounts.”



Altaro VM Backup

Infrastructure and Support Engineer Tony Burton, values Altaro VM Backup’s “ability to backup live VMs, offsite backup replication to a removable drive or physical offsite location, and its granular restore ability, which includes Exchange Server item level restore.”

Burton emphasizes the productivity these features enable for users, explaining that “there is now no need for users to logout of servers while the backup is performed.”

Room for Improvement

Security Engineer Viktor Horvath would like to see improvements in the compatibility with earlier versions, auto-update features, and Hyper-V 2008 core OS support for the management console. Lastly, he adds, “the amount of jobs performed at the same time should be increased.”


Acronis Backup

Senior Network Administrator Dan Gillman lists many “outstanding” features in Acronis Backup —

  • Centralized Management
  • De-Duplication
  • The ability to write to a 2nd backup location, including tape drive
  • The ability to mount SQL databases
  • The ability to stand up a VM from TIB file
  • Converting physical to Virtual and vise-versa
  • Boot and backup any volume regardless of OZ
  • Image or file recovery and database recovery including mailbox
  • Universal restore

Room for Improvement

For Gillman as well as for IT Manager Kashiffc, areas like help support, backups and the reliability of MS SQL and Exchange Servers still leave room for improvement.

Deciding which solution is right for you?

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