Battle of the V’s: Virtualization Management Tools Review Roundup

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This week’s review roundup features a fast growing category at IT Central Station  – Virtualization Management. The products in this category seem to lean heavily on the letter V (for virtualization). Here are a few helpful excerpts of what our real user community has to say about the Virtualization Management tools they are using: images

VMTurbo – “With the reporting I am able to ‘right size’ my environment from the amount of cores and memory a VM actually needs to how many hosts I need to run that environment in. With automation, my machines are moved to the most efficient host based on the data that VMTurbo gathers, this is more efficient than DRS and WAY more efficient than doing this manually.” Read the full review here.

VMware VCOPS – “By scheduling the reports on a weekly basis on under-utilized machines and over-utilized machines and analyzing them to provide the best resource. We can then balance them to improve the benefits of the resources and plan for the integration of more VM’s into the existing infrastructure. Room for Improvement: Resource management.” Read the full review here.

Veeam ONE – “Valuable Features include: ESXi & vCenter comparability, Veeam Backup support, Fully customization. Improvements to My Organization: It has made it easier to monitor our virtual environments. If you say no to Veeam One, at least implement it in your Lab environment, it will change your mind.” Read the full review here.

Solarwinds Virtualization Manager – “Virtualization manager’s cost analysis comparison report identified areas in which specific customers were being grossly undercharged for their resource consumption levels, as compared to rates available through AWS. Being able to pull up an itemized cost analysis anchored in real-world pricing was an asset when renegotiating contracts and adjusting rates. Room for Improvement: Out of the box support for a wider array of hardware vendor/device-specific SNMP mibs could be improved upon.” Read the full review here.

You can also compare these solutions side by side in one of our helpful comparisons: Solarwinds vs VMTurbo or Veeam ONE vs. VCOPS. Visit IT Central Station for these and more – our community keeps growing and we would love for you to participate by writing a review or leaving a comment to help other users researching virtualization solutions.


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