BI Dashboard Software Reviews 2015

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Welcome to 2015! To get the New Year jump started, this week’s review roundup is a look at BI Dashboard Software Reviews. Our community of real users continues to grow and there are many new reviews about BI Dashboard Software. Here are a few highlights:Start_Jeremy_Wariner_2007

Pentaho – “The initial setup was straightforward. The setup was done by my team, which had no expertise with the Pentaho BI Suite. In 2 days, I was presented with the first dashboards.The ROI of this product is good, because in little time you can have the first’s outputs. But it’s not excellent if compared with other BI solutions, like QlikView or Tableau.” Read the full review here. 

Qlikview – “Thanks to Qlikview we have been able to set up and share dashboards across our services. We can monitor our internal productivity and revenue, but as well our client’s activity and be proactive if we see a sudden change in volumes. We also monitor our service levels. Qlikview is giving visibility to our directors and VP , accounts department, as well as operational managers who can follow on their teams productivity. Qlikview is very intuitive and user friendly compared to other solutions, however I regret that some of their features are not available for Mac users.” Read the full review here

Tableau -“I’m able to prototype charts/dashboards in hours vs days or weeks with other tools (mainly Excel). Doesn’t require me to think about the level of aggregation that I’m going to need as it deals with large data sets. Blends disparate datasets together which is awesome for plan vs actual reports where the data is a two different levels of granularity. Needs a metadata solution plus some enhanced ETL functionality.” Read full review here.

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