Big Data Matters—CIOs Taking Charge!

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Did you know that Big Data and BI [Business Intelligence] analytics has moved from fad to favor in 2013?

Big Data CIOAbsolutely, of course you have! Most of us are now getting over the fad stage anyway. Who the heck would have known that “Big Data” would be the buzz?

Here’s what we recently found from the CIO Journal about Big Data or Business Intelligence [which does sound a little more formal and tidy].

“When SAP generates more money from [Business Intelligence] BI and analytics than from its transactional suite, a major transition has taken place. When IBM has spent close to $20 billion on analytics-related acquisitions, it’s a permanently changed ball game.” –Thomas H. Davenport [Visiting Professor at Harvard Business School, a Senior Advisor to Deloitte Analytics.]

So, what does this mean for CIOs? Take charge!

The price of Big Data and BI analytics—the ROI—all depends on how well you implement your strategies and have access to the tools appropriate for yourBig Data.” 

Vendors and others don’t always use the term Big Data when they mean Business Intelligence (BI) but most would agree that BI is about Big Data. Your IT enterprise Big Data or BI must be defined and leveraged to compete. Right?

Here’s a nice lineup of some IT Central Station reviewed and followed BI tools that you can start with.

You know what we’re getting at—from our Station Master—reviewing, finding out what your peers say . . .




    IBM Cognos              Logi                 QlikView            Tableau
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