CIOs Leading IT Infrastructure and Cloud Management with BYOD

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Remember when IT employees received company-paid-for goodies—like a PalmPilot, Blackberry, and a chunky—usually Dell—laptop with carry-on case?

These items were issued by a dedicated IT Help Desk staff who created certified “images” that could be replaced whenever apps or a rogue attachment caused problems.

We’re now finding that innovation-friendly IT enterprises must handle a growing trend—bringing your own devices [to work]—or BYOD. Bring Your Own Device BYOD

For example, Osterman Research conducted a survey of 760 individuals with regard to “bring your own devices” BYOD issues.

“They found that personally owned smartphones and tablets were used extensively instead of company-issued gear. The research also found widespread use of third-party, cloud-based storage and file synchronization offerings that are sometimes used with IT’s blessing, but more often not [and ccomplimentary to your organization when employees use them outside of your firewall].”

For more info, see CIO‘s White Paper on Putting IT Back in Control of BYOD.

You can also check out Tech RepublicTen questions on BYOD in the enterprise, with Peter Price, CEO of Webalo.

Where can you find out how CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and VPs of IT Decision-Making are handling this new trend?

At IT Central Stationyou can look at the products that manage your IT Infrastructure, your Clouds, and SaaS—then, determine if you’re equipped for this growing trend.

For example, read a review about Oracle Enterprise Manager and then compare to other Products and Vendors associated with the same or similar categories.

What a nice way to lead IT innovation in your organization with an informed set of best practices!

Bring Your Own Device BYODYou can follow products, write reviews, and analyze what others in IT Infrastructure planning have done to manage BYOD.


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