CIOs and Hybrid IT—Clouds and Services

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Now more than ever, CIOs must manage Hybrid IT environments. Just when you have a smooth—what seems like a perfect IT infrastructure—now you need to cut your budget and look to cloud computing for Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS options now balance both internal and external resources effectively—Dang! Sustaining this mix, shows up in your CIO office like a bunch of cats in a room full of rocking chairs!

This won’t be too bad if you know how to stay on top of it—finding the most cost-effective solutions that keep up with the competition can be worth the work. If you don’t, someone else will.

Andy Burton, announced the following results at the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)-sponsored conCloud Service Providersference on Cloud Outlook for the Enterprise in 2013 just a few days ago:

“The mix of on-premise, hosted or co-location, IaaS/PaaS services in Cloud and full SaaS delivery will, to varying degrees, be the standard mix for the majority of users over the coming year.”

Hybrid IT Industry Forum

Russell Rothstein—our Station Master here at IT Central Station—wants to provide you with the type of “buying journey” that allows you to view what’s out there from your peers before making a purchase.

Try before you buy!

Some of the Cloud Computing services allow you to “try before you buy.” It’s not like the old days when you could just crank up the bandwidth and availability requirements on your SLAs and all your apps would hum through your environment like a locomotive on time. Everyone’s now tweaking and squeezing to find the latest cost-effective solutions for business processes on demand.

At certain times, you might find it easier to strike up a conversation with an anonymous passenger [on a train], rather than with folks who you’re close to in your own organization. You’re not quite ready to discuss with the sales force who cannot say anything wrong about their services either.

For your IT Hybrid categories, take a look at the reviews from either of the Cloud Computing IaaS or PaaS links below.

Don’t let the train leave the station without you on it!



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