The 3 CIO No-No’s When Saying “Yes!” to Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing continues to be an important part of most enterprises. If you’re a CIO, being able to distinguish clear business objectives for cloud computing strategies—or any emerging technology for that matter—can lead to significant savings that help you lead in your market area.Cloud Computing

We liked David Linthicum’s take on this in his InfoWorld > Cloud Computing post:
3 CIO no-no’s when moving to the cloud.

Basically, he says, “If you want your cloud efforts to fail or struggle, ignore these three warnings:”

  1. Never work without a plan. This means somebody in the organization should be charged with driving a core migration strategy that includes business case validation and pilot projects.
  2. Never work with cloud haters. In many instances, people in IT organizations will declare their opposition to cloud computing, even before they understand the application of this technology. Those people are usually poison when it comes to making in progress with cloud, so they should not be put on the project.
  3. Never work with a self-funded model. Many CIOs are moving to the cloud with the idea that cloud computing savings will pay for the migration costs.
Not Going Haywire

A lot can go haywire with cloud computing if you’re not careful about adopting the right fit for your environment. For example, you could identify a clear technological advantage of a particular vendor or strategy and end up having no one on your team to champion the solution. They don’t want to change and don’t understand the benefits—adopting a whole new strategy makes them uncomfortable.

So what’s next? Getting involved in crowdsourced social media about the different vendor solutions available to you.

In fact, some savvy CIOs encourage their charges to spend time each day doing research on what their peers are saying about the different solutions available to get comfortable with the way things are going and what can help. They want them to be thought leaders in the tech space.

IT Central Station provides the “Yelp for IT Pros” according to the Wall Street Journal, and now the market leader for tech review sites for enterprises!

Top PaaS Reviews

With a unique partnership with LinkedIn, you can get started right away. Check out these recommended platform as a service (PaaS) reviews here:

Both vendors and real users benefit from having a site where everyone can chime in on what works well and in what environment without the hassle of extended sales calls, analysis and vendor spin—just your peers and their perspectives. Vendors can hear what their customers are saying objectively and make changes as needed. It’s all good.



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