EMC and VMware Go Cloud Computing Pivotal on Amazon

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With Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading as cloud computing champions, challengers have been scrambling to compete for the big enterprise-level contracts, especially as IT infrastructures transition from clunky data centers to “The Cloud.” 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings continue to evolve and tech buyers need some guidance.Cloud Computing

Thanks to Antone Gonslaves from ReadWrite Enterprise, who wrote this key statement in a post last week to help us understand the competitive cloud-computing and IaaS market:

Nevertheless, the market is still young. Most AWS customers today are startups and small and medium-sized businesses. Amazon is expected to shift focus to large companies soon, heading right into EMC’s and VMware’s sweet spot. This is making both companies very nervous.” View the rest of the details here.

How have EMC and VMware answered this challenge? They’ve started a new venture called Pivotal—Antone gives us this breakdown:

EMC and VMware will be throwing $800 million in investment to make Pivotal reach $1 billion in revenue in the next five years [from this source].

Now what the heck does this have to do with IT Central Station? Keep your eyes peeled at how—as reviews continue to come in—crowdsourcing, yes, crowd sourcing will have an influence on how these big ideas get carried out in the market. When AWS starts offering more robust, large enterprise solutions, make sure that you keep up with what Pivotal does with it’s expectations for a big return. And they should after all—with EMC and VMware in many enterprise accounts payable outboxes already.

Take a look at EMC, VMware, and AWS on IT Central Station. Pivotal—although still being launched—will soon be part of the line up. What has been your experience with any of these solutions? Vendors will be listening in for sure. Make a contribution today by completing a review or making a comment on an existing one.

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