Cloud Monitoring Software Reviews- Best of 2016

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IT Central Station users review the best server monitoring solutions of 2016

Cloud monitoring software enables professionals to monitor and successfully manage their applications hosted on the cloud. IT Central Station tech professionals rated several of these solutions based on usability, customer support, installation ease, compatibility, and more. Here are the top five cloud monitoring software vendors according to our community of 168,000+ tech experts.


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

According to IT Central Station members, CA Unified Infrastructure Management delivers more than just cloud monitoring by allowing users to monitor their entire IT environment from one lightweight, powerful, and scalable software option. According to Craig Darnell, this software’s most valuable feature is “the ability to be able to pull data out of multiple data sources and surface it all into a single tool. Some of the other tools that we had were very limited, with UIM you can scrape virtually any data source.”

Room for Improvement

However, Aymen Touzi remarks, “Product stability and performance, especially in Linux environments needs to be improved.”


SevOne offers digital infrastructure performance monitoring for various types of applications, devices, and environments. Carlos Reyes, an IT Central Station enterprise level expert, had this to say about SevOne: “It detects trends in metrics that prevent saturation, high temperatures in data centers, and provides visibility into the fantastic elements that help make the verification of real-time events.”

Room for Improvement

At the same time, Harish Kumar, a network engineer, found areas that needed improvement, as he mentions in his cloud monitoring software review: “I’d like to see a configuration management feature that lets me customize analyses and data points important to me at any specific time.”

Opsview Enterprise

Sysadmins within the IT Central Station community enjoy Opsview Enterprise for its highly customizable and straightforward comprehensiveness. Amir Heidari, a senior systems engineer, noted several benefits to this cloud monitoring software option including: “Easy setup hosts, easy configuring service checks, very easy-to-use interface, especially starting from v5 onwards, advanced tweaking possibilities, and netflow.”

Room for Improvement

Nonetheless, according to enterprise tech user Wayne Viljoen: “if it were to become more than a super monitoring tool, I would wish for an integrated CMDB and call-logging module to create a standalone integrated IT service management system out of it. It has the potential!”


ScienceLogic provides enterprise level techs with a customizable dashboard that can manage both cloud and on-premise environments simultaneously and under one software application. Nick Usherwood, another tech expert in the IT Central Station community, has this to say about ScienceLogic: “It enables us to monitor a diverse set of vendors…Now we’re able to resolve client problems not only before they have a problem but also when we have to troubleshoot we can look back in time and can get a picture of what was going on with the network to avoid repeat occurrences.”

Room for Improvement

Jeffrey Bailey found the following area lacking in ScienceLogic’s cloud monitoring software: “I would like to see an expansion of the API.”

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LogicMonitor received high ratings from the IT Central Station enterprise community because of it’s efficient and flexible application management and end-to-end visibility for actionable metrics. Brandon Myers of our tech professional-based community mentioned the following valuable features of LogicMonitor: “It’s a platform that allows us to put custom business requirements into the system, so we are able to pull information out of databases or other business-proof applications, and present the data in a dashboard that is useful.”

Room for Improvement

Troy Muncy wants to see the following improvements in the future: “while the portal is wonderful for monitoring and alerting and the way the data is presented (easy to read, bright, etc.), it would be nice if the remote access function was more stable and, instead of it being a legacy add-on, it became part of the product suite.”

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