The Best of the Best for 2013—Enterprise Vendor Reviews!

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This year’s “Best of the Best” for IT Central Station are the 100’s and 1000’s of enterprise vendor reviews that provide in-depth and head-to-head competitive analysis that leads people to better IT decision making. Yup. More is more in this case.Enterprise Vendors

Think about IT (pun intended). The more peer IT users and decision makers get involved in the premier Yelp for Enterprise IT—as stated in the Wall Street Journal and through the latest sources for IT go-to information—the more the information becomes actionable as a source to vet for buyers of IT and also for analysts, consultants, and vendors who want to cross-correlate what they’ve been hearing.

These reviews are the heartbeat, bread and butter, brains, core, and—you know what we mean—the whole reason you’re even here checking out this post.

Best of 2013 for the Blog

Although reviews are the most important, let’s take a moment to acknowledge blog posts and thought leader posts from guest bloggers.  First, check out the most popular head-to-head post on the blog: Enterprise Vendor Boxing Match—Microsoft vs Tableau

Other popular posts include a real user’s perspective on network performance monitoring in a guest blog from Eric Evans, who is one of IT Central Station’s Expert Reviewers: Inspect What You Expect: The Importance of Monitoring

Eric is a Senior Information Systems and Technology Manager at the 6th Marine Regiment Head Quarters. Click here if you would like to be one of IT Central Station’s guest bloggers.

What about this one that provides a run down of Prioritizing Gartner’s APM Model – The APM Conceptual Framework? This one was posted by Larry Dragich, Director of Enterprise Application Services at The Auto Club Group and who is also an Expert Reviewers on IT Central Station.

Most Popular Guest Blogs

Speaking of guest bloggers, this year’s most popular guest blog is by Fernando Bustillo. He is a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse expert and has experience working with SAP Business Objects, Oracle, Teradata and other enterprise solutions. Here’s the post: How to Successfully Manage BI Dashboard Projects

Second runner up goes to Fabrizio Volpe.  Fabrizio is an experienced network architect and was awarded the MVP Directory Services Award by Microsoft in 2011 and 2012. He is also the author of Microsoft Forefront UAG Mobile Configuration Starter by Packt Publishing and is an Expert Reviewer on IT Central Station. Here’s the post: Lync 2013 High Availability

Third runner up goes to Robert Goodman. Robert is one of our BI Experts on IT Central Station and recently posted about Real-time Data Collaboration with QlikView. He is the Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Georgetown University and has worked with government organizations, higher education institutions, K-12 school districts, NGO’s and commercial entities. Here’s the post: Warning Signs That You Need Better Business Intelligence

Let’s throw in one goodie. This popular post provides access to a: free BI Report

There you have it, the run down from IT Central Station. Happy Holidays and a new Year of lots of great reviews, insights, connections, collaborations, guest blogging, and great IT decision making!


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