eCommerce RFP Templates—New Valuable Tools from IT Central Station

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When you’re looking for an eCommerce solution, you need to consider vendors and their specific products by using a standardized process of evaluation. Why not download IT Central Station’s “Tools from the Community” eCommerce RFP templates?e-commerce

These templates available from the eCommerce page on IT Central Station provide a convenient one-stop place for you to review eCommerce solutions and have access to the templates you might want to use when you’re providing an RFP. You can provide potential vendors the response templates or they too can go directly on IT Central Station’s eCommerce page.

IT Central Station provides the platform for you to evaluate products and vendors from real reviews from real users on what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Tech Decision Makers.” In the case for eCommerce, you have a nifty set of tools—the template for an RFP and response templates!

Take a quick look now at the eCommerce page and see the Tools from the Community section on the right sidebar. Take a look at the most popular reviews on the right hand side too!

Magento                       Venda

Magento       Demandware      Venda

As you might have known, all pages, vendor contributions, and tools for sharing must be approved by IT Central Station before they go live—assuring that you’ve got access to the highest quality standards for any information or materials that you obtain.


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