eCommerce Solution Review Roundup: Demandware vs. Magento vs. Oracle

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This week’s review roundup focuses on eCommerce solutions. Here at IT Central Station, our users are discussing the solutions their businesses are implementing. Join in the conversation by writing a review of the solution your business is using! Here are a few examples from our site: E-commerce

Demandware – “All the solutions based on the platform should be implemented by people who have experience. The platform is capable of handling thousands of orders per hour and Demandware take care of the scalability and hosting infrastructure, so you do not have to worry about that… If you have followed the best practices you will not have a problem, however you are allowed to change the caching for different pages and that may cause a lot of problems with the performance.” Read the full review here.

Magento – “Magento is well suited for direct to customer storefronts that offer a limited number of products to its customer like Boutique storefronts, single or Multi-Brand storefronts, Manufacturers and the likes. Magento however is not the best solutions for merchants who offer a large number of products (above several thousands) like large retailers or enterprises that need tight integration of eCommerce with their enterprise systems.” Read the full review.

ATG – “Good support for iphones, Android and other mobile devices – If you’re an Oracle shop, its integration with Oracle Apps is very valuable – Can manage multiple sites with an integrated dashboard – Merchandising and promotion features are very good…Our impressions from testing out ATG is that it requires a lot of customization and professional services, which is not what we were looking for.” Read the full review here.

Read other reviews of eCommerce solutions at IT Central Station including Intershop, Microsoft and others.

What solution are you using?


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