Review Round-up for System Monitoring Solutions

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This week we present a roundup of the latest reviews of system monitoring solutions from the IT Central Station community.

Making sure you use the right system monitoring solution for your organization can be critical to IT ops. There are many factors to keep in mind when evaluating the different system monitoring solutions. These include: configuration, supported protocols, performance and data access. Read what our real users have to say about these system monitoring solutions:

Oracle vs HP vs Microsoft vs EMC
System Monitoring

EMC UIMp – “I must say I have been a big UIMp skeptic. When I got my hands on a vBlock in December 2011 UIMp was around version 2 and it was crap! … Well things have improved dramatically since then…” Read the full EMC review.

Catchpoint – “Has everything you could want in a synthetic tool, and many things that you didn’t know you wanted but you are ecstatic to have. [However,] the only thing that occasionally bugs me about Catchpoint is some aspects of the UI … because of the large volume of data that they are presenting and the various ways to slice it, you can end up with a proliferation of windows when debugging an issue.” Read the full Catchpoint review.

Oracle Enterprise Manager –“We have different database platforms and being able to support and monitor all the different types of platform versions from one tool makes our life easier…. [but] I would like to see is the option of agent less monitoring … [and] monitoring only at LDOM level so if you are using Solaris zones you only monitor at LDOM level. Read the full OEM review.

Visit IT Central Station to read more reviews of system monitoring solutions, including HPInfrared360, Microsoft and many more.


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