Enterprise IT Infrastructure Monitoring Reviews — Best of 2016

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Over 188,076 professionals have used IT Central Station research on enterprise tech. Here are the best IT Infrastructure Monitoring solutions based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons. All reviews and ratings are from real users, validated by our triple authentication process.

Here are the Top IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions of 2016 according to the IT Central Station Community.

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management

With 55 reviews, our user community ranks CA UIM as the Number 1 solution in IT Infrastructure Monitoring.

Daniel Blanco praises CA Unified Infrastructure Management for enabling his organization to obtain a “good baseline as to how we go about monitoring our clients, as each one is different but can fall into a specific category of infrastructure monitoring.”

Room for Improvement

Areas for improvement, points out Jason Downey, “would include enhanced management for the UMP where the MSP is concerned.”





Nagios XI

Our IT Infrastructure Monitoring community has contributed 16 user reviews for Nagios, and it is ranked as a Top IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution of 2016.

Henry Huang describes Nagios XI as “the only monitoring tool you will need”, emphasizing the “custom monitoring plug-ins” that the solution offers. Dima Kazavchinsky also points out the value in the large number of plugins available, also pointing out the option users have to write their own plugin.

Room for Improvement

However, Kazavchinsky then adds that there’s room for improvement when it comes to the (lacking) convenience of managing notes, as “the only way is to manage them through the database”.


“I have complete infrastructure visibility and can see anything on the network” explains Eric Sharpsten, emphasizing his organization’s added ability to provide “rich detailed data to our customer on system performance to the point that they had to change their processes and level of transparency…we’re blowing away our competition.”

Room for Improvement

Sharpsten identifies a drawback within the downstream suppression, explaining that in the solution’s current state, suppression “must all be done manually.”

CA Spectrum

“Functionality of the tool is awesome and is easy for customers to use”, states Senior Technical Analyst, Rajani Boyapati. IT Manager Lee Mullican adds that another “great benefit” is “CA Spectrum’s ability to alert us on network issues before they become critical.”

Room for Improvement

Mullican hopes to eventually see a mobile Spectrum app — “if I could get the same view from my phone that I get from OneClick that would be awesome.”

SolarWinds NPM

Christopher Good, a Lead Network Engineer/Business Developer, emphasizes the accessibility of the web interface — “I love the GUI. Almost everything is accessible through the web interface.  It is very user-friendly.  It is easy to drag and drop resources wherever you want them.”

Room for Improvement

Good elaborates that “there needs to be more granularity in the permission sets in almost all of the SolarWinds products. I want to be able to specify almost everything that a specific user group can do.”

“Better offline license management would be helpful”, says Brian Vinson, who has “had to get in touch with customer support several times simply to remove an expired license from our NPM servers (which have no connection to the public internet).”

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