ERP Solutions — New User Reviews 2017

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What are real users in the enterprise tech community saying about ERP solutions in 2017? This blog post takes a close-up look at new ERP reviews from 2017 on IT Central Station.

Users discuss which features they’ve found most valuable, and where they would like to see improvements in the following solutions:

Oracle E-Business Suite

Valuable Features

Entire Supply Chain Flow

A Senior Program Manager shares that “This is our ERP and we are using it for our entire supply chain flow, i.e., from the start of the billing to the shipping process. We are using the Oracle E-Business Suite for mainly our supply chain management.”

Financial and Accounting Reporting Tool

Thomas Weber describes Oracle E-Business Suite as “a financial and accounting reporting tool that we use for accounts payable, creating invoices, and accounts receivable. We process a lot of transactions, so the greatest benefit is that all manual activities are being automated.

We don’t have to spend hours to generate invoices and accounting reports. All the manual insurance processes have been automated, making it easy for the business to handle day-to-day business activities.”

Room for Improvement

An IT Analyst shares several points for improvement:

Features that Meet Industry Standards

“Its features are good, but I think they need to look around at the other products in the market. There are a few industry standard features which are missing from this product. We are discussing one of these with them where synchronizing calendars across different countries is a big thing.

Reporting Features

On the reporting side, they should give financial reports more in AxelBase to filter and sort data to make it faster and easier to close the books.

Technical Support

The other area is definitely the support side. Turnaround time needs to be faster. They need to improve working with the end user, and asking very specific questions to help resolve an issue. People should collect different types of information before sending the problem back and forth.”


Valuable Features

Muhammed Umer lists several valuable features that he’s found in SAP ERP:

  • Supported over 180 types of businesses
  • Seamless integration inside SAP
  • Quick updates
  • Built-in localized versions

Umer also explains that “I work on project-based organization. There was no method to plan, record, monitor and invoice the hours other than a spreadsheet. After implementing SAP, these processes are being incorporated with a very high level of satisfaction.”

Room for Improvement

Client-Specific/Unique Business Processes

Muralidhara writes that “Certain things are off the shelf, but there are a few things that need to be developed based on client specific or unique business processes.”

Talent Management Sub-modules

Muhammed Umer also adds that “The talent management sub-modules need to be improved more. Clients are looking for more flexibility and a better GUI.”

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Valuable Features

Sibsankar Bhattacharya lists numerous valuable features offered by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne:

  • Warehouse management
  • Advanced pricing
  • Sales order management
  • Inventory
  • Procurement and subcontracting
  • Bulk stock management
  • Fulfillment management
  • Advanced stock evaluation
  • Environmental accounting and reporting

File Management

Guillermo Badia Marti describes that “File management is easy to obtain. We do not need to spend user time to sort the information. 
Gives us better work-floor management and easy integration with scanners, dispatch, etc. EnterpriseOne has been the product that allows us to focus on our products and not on our ERP, and this means a lot.”

Room for Improvement

Sibsankar Bhattacharya also shares that he would like to see JD Edwards EnterpriseOne improve:

  • Change in grade & potency on volume control (BOM) while issuing a work order
  • Work order approval process
  • Transportation module rate schedule flexibility
  • PO receipt reversal using the EDI process
  • Purchase order approval process
  • Landed cost rule hierarchy definition
  • Account codes that can have legacy description for reporting
  • Sourcing processes with more flexibility and direct relationships with the purchase cycle
  • Self-requisition process approval setup to be made available for the purchase cycle
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Valuable Features

Usability and UX/UI Functionality

Avi Pinhas describes that “These features make implementation of projects much simpler. It allows smoother adoption of the new system and processes.”

Financial Analytics

Ljubisa Vukoje shares that “Financial analytics provide end users with a real good picture of financial information, such as income and P&L. It can be divided by organization unit, for example, and it can be reported in one additional currency.”

Room for Improvement

Security and User Levels Fields

This Managing Director describes that “The security and user level fields can be improved further so that it is not too tedious for end-user to map and set up.
The permission and roles settings of each individual user is there, but still very tedious.

The fact that the application is extremely flexible also means that if security is not properly set up, a user can accidentally be given access to something that he should not have access to”

Kalpit Patel suggests several points for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to improve:

  • Logistics
  • Packing
  • Export/import
  • Online trade
  • Real-time integration with other systems

Valuable Features

Covers All Business Needs

One Senior Technical Analyst describes PeopleSoft as “One of the best on-prem ERP systems on the market with robust features. It is a complete suite with modules that fully cover all the needs of any business. Also, it is highly customizable.”

HR and Payroll Features

A Senior PeopleSoft Administrator writes that “The most valuable feature of this product is the HR suite; it is leading vendor for human resources in the market. So for me, the HR and payroll features are the biggest flagship of the PeopleSoft product.”

Room for Improvement

Analytics and Machine Learning

Anil Kumar Pandey suggests that PeopleSoft should offer “more analytics, monitoring analytics, and also machine learning should be incorporated into the core product. Right now, machine learning is outside of the ERP domain; bring machine learning into the domain.”

Data Entry

Rama Chundri shares that “if you go and talk to the lowest level of the users – the people who enter the invoices, the vouchers, the general entries, add an asset, create a PR requisition, or enter the employee information – they still think that they do not have the tools to enter the data in a much easier way.”

IFS Applications

Valuable Features

Claudio Scarpellino lists IFS Application’s Pricing Matrix and Warehouse functionality as most valuable features:

Pricing Matrix

“Allowed us to implement a very complex “go to market” pricing model. This allowed us to tailor pricing to individual customer requirements. We could implement an automated pricing model that maximized gross profit in a very competitive environment.”

Warehouse Functionality

In ERP terms, it’s rich, allowing us to run three separate businesses in a shared warehouse environment.

Room for Improvement


Scarpellino suggests that “usability could be improved.”

Scalability Issues with Hardware

Scarpellino also describes that “The product scales well. However, the original hardware requirements were not specified high enough to meet the number of users. We increased disk I/O on the server to resolve this issue.”

Oracle ERP Cloud

Valuable Features

SaaS Model Applications

A Director of ERP Cloud shares that “We implemented the SaaS model applications. The SaaS model means that Oracle holds the hardware/software and provides accessibility through its unbreakable network.”

Room for Improvement

Core Functionality Gaps

“The main areas we have identified for improvement are in core functionality gaps“, writes Tim Warner. “These have been addressed very effectively in recent releases, which clearly have taken into account customer enhancement requests.”

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