Event Monitoring Solution Reviews — Best of 2016

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Here are the Top Event Monitoring Solutions of 2016, according to the IT Central Station community.


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Erik Giles praises CA Unified Infrastructure Management for providing his workflow as a Manager of ITS Command with “an integrated, central approach to monitoring.” For Jason Downey, the “scalability of the product and heterogeneous OS coverage” is what “sets the solution apart from others.”

Room for Improvement

Arnold Magadia shares his experience that whenever his engineering company has had an issue with NSD and NMS support, the suggestion was always to “upgrade to the current version, but sometimes when they upgraded, some features would stop working.”

cta event monitoring


Mikhail Dolmatov values SCOM as an Event Monitoring Solution because of its easiness to deploy and configure, and for its “rich out of the box monitoring capabilities for windows environments” which can “easily be extended with base XML and scripting knowledge.”

Room for Improvement

One area that would benefit from improvement is “the configuration, especially for alerts” which are “somewhat lengthy”, states Patrik Kariuki. Brenton Parry would like to see improvements in how “all of the information that SCOM collects and stores…into a useful reporting format.”

CA Spectrum

Frank Tonjes values CA Spectrum for its REST API, high level of customization and reliability.  Its service dashboard, notes Joao Evangelista, “provides a service-oriented view of infrastructure without having to use another tool.”

Room for Improvement

Evangelista finds CA Spectrum to lack the ability to “directly run a SQL query and set a threshold against the return value…something that almost every monitoring solution on the market has built-in.”


ScienceLogic’s core functionality, finds Darrell Hyde, is its most valuable feature as a monitoring system. Arthur Panos adds that the visual representation that the solution’s dashboards provide for application owners and support teams.

Room for Improvement

When it comes to the reporting system, adds Panos, “there is a lot of great information that ScienceLogic collects”. That being said, Panos still finds the current reporting options to be “very limited without extensive customization.”


Becky Douglass describes that her organization is always immediately notified when a server goes down, allowing them to always know when they need to log on to get the server back up, which ultimately “helps out our clients and all the developers.”

Room for Improvement

Leo Mata would “like to see some kind of supervising element, the functionality to resolve and allow people to be alerted for supervisors.” The solution’s UX adds Rob Leveille, would benefit from an improved “flow of actions”.

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