Face-off in Database Security Reviews: Imperva SecureSphere vs. Oracle Audit Vault

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In the IT Central Station Database Security community, Imperva SecureSphere and Oracle Audit Vault rank as the #1 and #3 solutions, respectively.

Imperva SecureSphere and Oracle Audit Vault have each been reviewed by enterprise tech professionals from a range of roles and seniority levels: Operations Consultants, Financial Analysts, System Engineers, Senior IT Security Consultants, Senior DBAs, and others.

But what in particular do users choose to discuss about these top Database Security solutions? Which features are most notable, and finally, which experiences have users had that other users in our community would benefit from knowing?

Below are excerpts from the top user reviews of Imperva SecureSphere and of Oracle Audit Vault, where members of the IT Central Station community share how their organizations have benefited from the solutions and what they see as the most valuable features.

Imperva SecureSphere Database Security


‘What are Imperva Secure Sphere’s Most Valuable Features?’

Vulnerability management since you don’t need to run different scans by logging into different databases. Everything can be done and monitored through the centralized console by a few clicks and without any hassle.

Also, the report generation option on a daily/weekly/monthly basis comes in very handy to the top management.”

SeniorAnb381, Senior Analyst at a financial services firm


‘How Has Using Imperva SecureSphere Improved your Organization?’

“Database auditing has become simple and easy, releasing storage previously used for native database audit processes. We found new patterns of database users’ behaviour and corrected some user authorisations.”

Reviewer579513, Senior System Engineer at a financial services firm


Oracle Audit Vault


‘What are Oracle Audit Vault’s Most Valuable Features?’

I like the audit report. This product has a lot of report templates and you can customize them.

One of the useful reports is the activity report. Our customer is an insurance company. They want to log every detail regarding financial transaction activities (insert, update and delete). If something happens with the data, they can trace it to the person who performed the activity, and where and when they did it.

Indra Kurnia, Database & Middleware at a tech services company.


‘How Has Using Oracle Audit Vault Improved your Organization?’

Using the features provided by this product, we have implemented restrictions on data access for individual users accessing the application to perform activities on the database. Restrictions/monitoring can be configured for column/row level as well. With Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, you can create alerts for suspicious activity, create changes to privileged users, create historical reports on schema changes and data-level access. Audit Vault also can audit OS and network events. It can also be used to audit other databases (such as MYSQL, IBM, etc.) and databases in the cloud.

Ammar Ashraf, Oracle Technical Engineer at a tech services company


Based on our user feedback, Imperva SecureSphere seems to stand out in Database Security for valuable features such as vulnerability management, and report generation. On an organizational level, improvements are made possible by the simple database auditing.

With Oracle Audit Vault, users are especially grateful for features like the audit reports and activity reports, as well as for data access features that allow them to secure their databases and to audit databases that are both on-premise or in the cloud.
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