Face-off in Event Monitoring: CA Unified Infrastructure Management vs. Evanios

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What do users of Event Monitoring solutions report about their experiences? In the IT Central Station community, 10,340 users follow the Event Monitoring category. In this face-off, we compare CA Unified Infrastructure Management with Evanios, who rank as the #1 and #10 Event Monitoring solutions, respectively.

What has earned these two solutions the rankings that they have, and what are users satisfied with? Where do users see room for improvement, and which changes do they hope to see in the future?

Read the comparison between CA Unified Infrastructure Management and Evanios below.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Improvements to My Organization

“It allows us to create a baseline template for each of the different technologies” writes Enterprise Tool Architect, Daniel Blanco. Blanco explains that this baseline “allows to quickly deploy our solution set for that particular technology base to each different client. So, across the board, we have a baseline of measurable, simple deployment mechanisms.”

“UIM provides a level of reliability in our operating center for the people who actually implement the alarms. When an alarm comes in, they’re responsible for making sure the alarm validation is raised. It allows reliability and it gives us assurance that we have an accurate picture about what really is going on in our monitoring environment” shares Productiecd2, a Production Analyst at a university.

Room for Improvement

Blanco adds that on the other hand, he would “probably like to see more out-of-the-box solutions that I don’t have to individually go into, configure and set up myself.”

Productiecd2 also hopes that “the quality of what is currently in place just be increased.

There are some components of UIM that are dated, or they’re being left behind and some newer ones are being put forward.”

Another point of improvement suggested by SrSysEng300, a Senior Systems Engineer at an aerospace/defense firm, argues:

“They need to work on the user interface. I know they are, but to me, that’s one of the big things that is holding them back. It’s not with the times. It’s not real intuitive. You really need to work with it to figure out where things are. You should be able to better organize the grouping and deployment. That’s kind of where they struggle.”


Improvements to my Organization

“Our previous event management solution had a complicated implementation (and thus required a good bit of historical knowledge to support) and was unstable” shares reviewer592602, adding that “Evanios is much easier to understand once given a brief overview of the product…It’s been much more stable than our previous solution and we have been able to integrate 4-5 products (and counting) which were not able to be integrated before.”

Samuel Womble, an Infrastructure Engineer at a tech services company, values Evanios for its “Maintainability of a single pane of glass for a NOC must be easy and not cause downtime. Deduplication, ease of use and software-less interface integration with ServiceNow makes it easy for teams to use the product.”

Senior Consultant Brian Graham emphasizes how since using Evanios, “Creation of incidents was previously a manual process with lots of copy and paste, swivel chair, mistakes, and missed events. Everything is now automated with events correlated and deduplicated, as well as cross checks against scheduled change outages.”

Room for Improvement

Samuel Womble suggests several improvements that Evanios could benefit from:

  • “System information and status (easy to read for all levels of IT)
  • Clearer instructions on setting up alert notifications to support staff in the event of an issue with product: There are some instructions on their support site but I’m looking for something a little more detailed to understand the flow of events (expected compared to unexpected).”


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