Forrester and Forbes Chime in on B2B Social Media

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Forbes_Forrester_Logo_Last week Forrester wrote about  IT Central Station and B2B social media in its new report, “The Social Media Habits of B2B Customers.”

Forrester writes that, “…the most popular social communities tend to be niche ones focused on specific objectives, such as IT Central Station, Cisco Communities or SAP Community Network…”

Zachary Reiss-Davis, an analyst for Forrester who helps marketing leadership professionals, gives more insight to the report on his blogs posted on Forbes and Forrester. What’s clear is the evidence that B2B customers use social media for decision-making more now than ever. Check out this graphic from the report:


Although the report provides “a B2B-focused analysis of the landscape for the social marketing playbook,” you don’t have to wait to execute your strategy.

B2B Social Media

You can get started right here on IT Central Station—for example, try this approach:

  1. Read one.
  2. Write one.
  3. Comment on two.

Reviews that is!

If you want to dive a little deeper, take a look at this face off: Microsoft BI vs SAP BI Comparison.

The Wall Street Journal calls IT Central Station the “Yelp for CIOs.” Whether you’re a vendor finding out what folks are saying about your products or you’re a real user—peers helping peers in online social media is where you can find the exact details that you might need to make a crucial decision for your organization.


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