Forrester CEO, SolarWinds Gang, Puppeteers, and Others Who Rocked It In Enterprise Tech This Week

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After blogging on Medium three times, I’ve decided to #DropMedium and go back to posting here on the IT Central Station blog. While Medium has a beautiful design and UX, I didn’t see the right audience hitting my posts on Medium. Audience trumps aesthetics every time. (No pun intended.)

Here’s who rocked it in enterprise tech this week:

Kevin Thompson (SolarWinds) announced a gaggle of new execs in his management team including Darren Beck (CMO); Chris Benwell, (SVP North American commercial sales); David Cronk (SVP, international sales) in addition to recent hires Joseph Kim (CTO); John Pagliuca (SVP MSP); and Christoph Pfister (EVP Products). Any women in the house? Will be interesting to see what new comes out of SolarWinds now that it’s a year since they went private. SolarWinds is most often compared with PRTG, and it has some very interesting network monitoring reviews from customers.

Fuze CEO Steve Kokinos announces a mega-investment round of $104M in venture capital. Fuze is ranked #1 in our top ranked Cloud VoIP rankings.

Kris Hagerman, the CEO of Sophos, announced that they acquired Invincea for a cool $100 million. Invincea is falling in the rankings for endpoint protection software, so the folks at Sophos must know something we don’t.

Puppet is on a roll in a hot, albeit unsexy, space. Omri Gazitt left HPE to join Puppet as Chief Product Officer, and Sandra Hamilton left EMC to join as VP Customer Success. Puppet is ranked #3 in configuration management, just behind SaltStack and ahead of Ansible.

On the heels of the whopping $3.7 billion acquisition of AppDynamics, I read an interesting analysis in Forbes of why he thinks rival Dynatrace is worth $7 billion as a follow up to an interview with Dynatrace CEO John Van Siclen. APM is red hot and the Cisco deal must have gotten the attention of the other big guys – IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, who knows maybe CA, would be interesting buyers of Dynatrace. You gotta think that Dynatrace having a 30% EBITDA margin makes them a compelling target. Or maybe it’s UFOs.


Forrester Research CEO George Colony announced quarterly earnings and then their share price took a 10% dive. Seems another indication that they’re still stuck on the old analyst model. Good analysis here. Even Gartner has figured out that enterprise tech product reviews are eating the traditional analyst model of MQ’s and Waves.

This week is RSA. Should be an exciting one.





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