Gartner Flattens Abs—I mean Apps—with Cloud Tips

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Flat AppsJust like the flat abs promotions that hit us one after another in online ads, in the check out lines, or some before-dawn infomercial, there’s a lot of talk about how clouds can quickly “flatten” applications, networks, and even organizational structure (30-day money back guaranteed!

Gartner’s Ben Tomhave,  Research Director for Security and Risk Management Strategies, writes that getting flat networks is one by-product of a cloud strategy.

Ben gives us three scenarios to help us understand the benefits of moving toward clouds. In his post, “All the World’s a Cloud,” he gives us these ideas:

  • Expanding Self-Service to Reduce Support Volume
  • Resolving BYOD Concerns Using a Cloud Services Model
  • Flatten Your Network, Fix Your Perspective

Take a look at them, and then take a look at the cloud reviews on IT Central Station.

You can start here to drill down to close to 100 other reviews for popular providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce (dot com).

For example, one of the reviews provides a “Simple Calculator for Comparing Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3 Pricing.” This same real user reviewer also wrote, “(Some) Best Practices for Building Windows Azure Cloud Applications.” Way to go, Gaurev Mantri!

Another real-user reviewer writes in her review summary, “Why I love Heroku.” As a Directory of IT for a company of 500, Tanya Nam provides insight about development using node.js.


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