CIO’s Agenda—Hunt and Harvest in a Digital World!

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Gartner’s CIO Digital Agenda requires hunting and harvesting on top of tending to current end-user demands. CIOs need to get more from existing IT infrastructure systems and processes while looking for new solutions, according to Gartner’s Group Vice President and Fellow in Executive Programs, Mark McDonald.

With over 2,000 CIOs surveyed, Mark announced results like these from a Gartner Executive Programs CIO survey and CIO agenda report on CNBC:CIO Agenda Gartner 2013

  • Hunting—occurs in situations where IT needs to be out in front—scouting and finding innovations and opportunities beyond enterprise boundaries. . .
  • Harvesting—occurs in situations where IT needs to raise business performance by actively changing business processes, extending products and services, and replicating best practices. . .  read more here.

Don’t be fooled by a duck in rabbit’s clothing or vice versa!

Problem—How can you hunt or harvest without knowing where or what to hunt and harvest? You need a place to go to find out what products and vendors support the innovation that you seek and how they do it affectively.

Follow Products and Vendors on IT Central Station

Follow the Products you currently have and the Vendors you typically use on IT Central Station. You can then explore other solutions in the same categories. Reach out and find out what others are doing by commenting and asking questions.

IT Central Station provides the framework to get real views from users of your current and potential IT needs. You can also write a review of your own, anonymously or as an Expert Reviewer.

For example, Server Virtualization for most IT Enterprises has rapidly evolved with new vendors entering the space and more promises on the horizon. Harvesting more for less must be achieved to be competitive. Here’s where to get started:

Server VirtualizationHyper-V

Oracle VM

Citrix XenServer


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