Is the New York City Subway Gartner’s New Magic Quadrant?

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Digital Transit MapJust a few months ago, Gartner introduced its new magic for digital marketing—not a replacement for the Magic Quadrant, but a way to identify the landscape for digital marketing using a subway system like the London Tube or New York City Subway.

As Larry Dignan said of Gartner in his ZDnet post. “Forget the Magic Quadrant, let’s do transit maps.” Well, his summary is a bit skeptical—”Gartner, like every other vendor in the IT space, needs some compelling reason to talk to chief marketing officers. Enter the transit map.”

Here’s a snapshot with the different railway lines as digital marketing categories and corresponding colors to guide you through myriad stops.

Gartner Transit MapHere’s a Press Release on the Business Wire:
Gartner Introduces the Digital Marketing Transit Map. . .

Does it have to be that complicated and where’s the “Way Out?” way_out

We’ll let you be the judge. In the meantime, get involved in the digital marketing railway here on IT Central Station—yes, crowdsourcing as a part of the digital landscape for B2B enterprise vendor purchasing.  You can influence the way that vendors and purchasers make decisions. Here’s a post from our CEO about how a Gartner study shows that we trust our peers more than analysts: Whom Do You Trust?

Check out some of the most popular reviews here and become a part of what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Enterprise Tech.”


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