GDPR and IT Central Station

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25th 2018. I have written this article to share with you the steps we have taken and our roadmap for compliance with GDPR.

At IT Central Station, we take this new legislation seriously, and we have worked hard to ensure our processes and policies are fully up-to-date and compliant in order to remain a trustworthy choice for enterprise tech professionals and technology marketers.

GDPR mainly focuses around a visitor’s personal data:

  • how it is collected
  • how it is stored
  • if and how it is then transferred to a 3rd party

In essence, this new legislation will give our users more rights and control over their data, and will dictate more strictly how companies like us handle and store the personal data collected. Much of the new regulation goes into making sure that the personal data is collected with a person’s permission, and is used for the specified purpose for which it was obtained and for a duration that makes sense, given the initial reason for obtaining the data.

IT Central Station welcomes this new policy and has taken steps to ensure compliance. Our lead generation programs are all based on an explicit opt-in mechanism. We updated our privacy policy earlier this month to provide more detail into how we collect, store, and use data. (The privacy policy is available here). We have appointed a Data Privacy Officer (yours truly!) to manage our GDPR compliance. I am responsible to ensure that our lead generation, retargeting, social, and other programs are fully compliant with GDPR. I meet regularly with our CEO and discuss with him our GDPR compliance roadmap and any data privacy issues that need to be addressed.

The community of over 250,000 IT Central Station members uses our platform to research important technology purchases. They are reading reviews, comparing solutions, and downloading reports to aid their decision making. We believe in being fully transparent so that people like you may visit our platform secure in the knowledge that their personal data is protected and safe.

We are staying up-to-date on any further changes in regulations and are fully committed to achieving compliance with GDPR prior to the regulation’s effective date of May 25, 2018.

Julia Frohwein
Data Privacy Officer
IT Central Station


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