How I Used IT Central Station to Choose a Virtualization Management Tool

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This user testimonial is based on an interview with IT Central Station member, Chris Childerhose, who benefitted from our real user reviews on Virtualization Management tools. At IT Central Station, the Virtualization Management category is followed by 6,258 users and has a total of 189 reviews.

Chris is a Systems Engineer at McMillan LLP, a Canadian business law firm serving public, private and not-for-profit clients across key industries in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Chris is an Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience in Network/Systems Architecture, Network & Systems Administration and Technical Support.

“For us we needed a Virtualization Management tool and after reading reviews as well as evaluating products we decided on Turbonomic as our choice.”

Pain Points Being Solved

When making the decision to use IT Central Station as his resource for choosing a new Virtualization Management tool, Chris described the pain points he was looking to solve:

  • “The ability to determine cluster capacity for adding new projects which includes VMs”
  • A “single pane of glass” to see all issues in the environment.
  • “The ability to see where optimization could be done within the environment.”

Criteria Being Matched

Based on what Chris read about Turbonomic from reviews on IT Central Station, he was able to identify the following criteria which met his needs:

  • “Planning module was a big seller for me with Turbonomic as it took me from 3-5 days of work to determine capacity for my projects to less than 30 minutes.”
  • The ability to “leverage automation of VMs for vMotion as well as the right sizing.”
  • “Reporting on the environment for management monthly to show where further savings could be had.”
  • “Showing inventory of environment.”

Most recently, Chris is in the process of two additional research processes:

  1. Evaluating Hyper-Converged Infrastructure appliances.
  2. Updating McMillan LLP’s storage for their 2018 roadmap.

Reading IT Central Station reviews, as well as talking to other community members has allowed Chris to “see what value people are getting from products” and to “determine some of the more common vendors which have a niche in the market space for the categories.”

At IT Central Station, the Virtualization Management category‘s top category rankings are dominated by key industry players, such as:

#1 Turbonomic

#2 vRealize Operations (vROps)

#3 Veeam ONE

#4 vCenter Server

#5 SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Chris has been a member of IT Central Station since February 2014, where he has has published five product reviews and has earned the ranking of “Elite Squad Member” on our site. Chris also published a Backup and Recovery Software article on IT Central Station, entitled “Choosing the Right Backup Solution.”

Chris is ranked the #1 expert in five different product leaderboards:

Chris is also ranked the #1 expert in seven different category leaderboards:

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