How I Used IT Central Station to Learn About Cloud-Based CRM Solutions

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This user testimonial is based on an interview with Aimee White, an active IT Central Station user who has regularly benefited from our real user reviews of enterprise tech solutions.

In her own words, Aimee explains “I always rely on online reviews for purchasing decisions – wisdom of crowds and all.”

In this interview, Aimee discusses how she has used IT Central Station for researching CRM solutions, particularly Salesforce.

On our site, the CRM category is followed by 3,489 users and includes 44 CRM solutions on the enterprise tech market.

Aimee works as a Prince2 Practitioner with ITIL v3 It Service Management for website and e-commerce at a retail company.

In this particular use case, Aimee describes “I was looking at Salesforce. I never liked it but I am using a CMS that they have just purchased (Demandware – used by Adidas, House of Fraser, Pandora, Under Armour, etc) so I was sort of forced to look into Salesforce a little more.

I wanted a high-level overview at a glance and that’s what the reviews give me.”

Which Pain Points Were You Looking to Solve with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

“It was more that I wanted to recommend a cloud-based CRM that is used by a huge chunk of businesses, to good effect. The pain points are more about a lack of internal processes – often can be solved by going out to the cloud and having a black box.”

What are Your Most Frequent Reasons for Using IT Central Station?

“I am using IT Central Station now to research CRMs. While it won’t stop me recommending a product to a client, it is more about finding out the problems that the client could experience. It’s about digging up the things “you don’t know you don’t know. So, for me, it’s about risk management.”

Which Knowledge Gaps Were You Looking to Fill in Your CRM Research?

“I was looking for high-level reviews and some high-level info on features and problems. All apps have issues but most seem to lie in the implementation and/or lack of internal processes of an organization. For me, those points are for the organization to deal with. What a CRM “can” do, is my area.”

About Aimee:

Aimee has been a member of IT Central Station since 2013, where she has published 14 product reviews and has earned the ranking of “Elite Squad Member” on our site.

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