Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution Reviews — Best of 2016

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What do enterprise tech professionals recommend when choosing a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure software?

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With an average review ranking of 8.85, the Top 5 Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions are shown below:

top hyperconverged infrastructure


Nutanix’s valuable features, lists David Tan, are the:

  • One-click hypervisor and firmware upgrade
  • Snapshots and clones
  • Compression and deduplication
  • Backup and disaster recovery

The one-click hypervisor and firmware upgrade are both easy to manage, and the compression and deduplication features allow us to “store data more efficiently”, he explains.

Senior Systems Engineer Charlie Hibbard points to the converged storage infrastructure as a “great benefit that removes the necessity of a separate storage network.”

Once the scripted installation is complete, he explains, “there’s very little to manually configure.”

Room for Improvement

Tommy Li suggests a future replacement of all hard drives with SSD, arguing that this would “dramatically increase the performance” of the processor.


Flexpod is not only “flexible, adaptable, fast”, writes an IT Manager, but it is “non-disruptive to the business” which is what gives it an edge over other technologies, arguing that for online businesses, technology must be “24/7 and zero disruption for the users.”

Room for Improvement

“I would like to see the ability to combine a couple of FlexPods into a cluster”, writes Deepak Seth.  “FlexPods are meant to be in silos…currently, you cannot combine two FlexPods into a single entity, into a larger FlexPod”, explains Seth.


VMware vSAN

One user lists performance and cost as  “the most valuable features of VMware Virtual SAN”, explaining that “we’re actually able to deploy Virtual SAN for a fraction, like 1/5th, of the cost, of what we’re paying for our SAN. It was crazy. The reduced cost made it very palatable and then the actual performance of it made it even that much more functional.”

Room for Improvement

In order to enable “drill down analysis”, adds Solutions Architect David Dunaway, vSAN needs complete integration with vRealize.”

Javier Galvez suggests that in order to “use more RAID controllers available on the market”, vSAN’s hardware compatibility needs to be increased.



“The built-in ability to do backups to DR, do internal backups, and have on-the-fly deduplication is by far the most valuable to me” shares a SimpliVity user.

Deduplication at SimpliVity means that metadata caching and the acceleration card support the efficiency of using less SSD and less HDD access. Only unwritten blocks flow through the system; double blocks coming out of cache” adds another user.

Room for Improvement

Shan Venable suggests improving SimpliVity’s reporting capabilities, suggesting “some enhancements for recalling historical information, automated reports on storage efficiency over time and backup growth over time.”


HPE StoreVirtual

Chris Garnica describes that because “It’s easy to set up, easy for my team to manage, the tools are pretty easy to learn…as soon as we get a new node in, we can get it up and running very quickly, provision it, immediately use the storage.”

Room for Improvement

Another HPE StoreVirtual user would like to see improvements in the system management and stability, sharing that “the system would work fine for weeks and then one of the VSA virtual machines would hang, taking down the clustered volume. This was very confusing, because I had four nodes, which should have allowed fault-tolerance.”

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