Identity and Access Management Reviews: Roundup from Our Users

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What are the most important features to look for in identity and access management solutions? In this week’s Review Roundup, IT Central Station users discuss the most valuable features, and where they hope to see improvement. 

Oracle Identity Manager

Valuable Features

Oracle Identity Manager helps to organize, control, and maintain the user IDs and user access keys for an organization. It also has an “Activity Manager” for handling situations such as an employee leaving the company, says Ranjan K.

ITAdmin436 adds that “the capability of writing a custom connector makes this product flexible enough to potentially reach all types of target systems.”

Room for Improvement

Technicabf56 explains that “There is a certain phase during the installation where if you make a mistake and continue forward, there is no possibility of going back to a point before the mistake was made. If you cross that point, you would need to start all over again.”

CyberArk Privileged Account Security

Valuable Features

Ed366 states that features such as “account discovery, account rotation, and account management make it a well-rounded application.”

Jeffrey E. points to“the secure storage of the accounts in questions”, stating that “CyberArk has the most extensive hardening and encryption techniques I have seen in a product with equal intentions.”

Room for Improvement

At the same time, Alessandro D. finds that while the management console “has a lot of functionalities”, “it is a little bit complex to use…The customer support and technical support can be better, compared with the level of products.”

CA Identity Manager

Valuable Features

Harold D. explains that “the challenge we had was that our helpdesk had to manually reset customers in the field and reset their passwords one at a time. We therefore implemented CA Identity Manager to allow us to automate this self-service reset of passwords.”

Room for Improvement

Linley A. has found that “While all the key components are there to make the product work very well, what we’re looking for is an enhanced product with a much more modern approach, look, and feel.”

IBM Tivoli Access Manager

Muhammad A. describes IBM Tivoli’s single sign-on configurations as “unique to the product.” He then explains that “they support multiple types of SSO configurations, including FSSO, HTTP, SAML. The most robust functionality for SSO is its EAI (External Authentication Interface) option. EAI allows customers to customize their authentication mechanisms as per their needs.”

Norio C. adds that “it can map a user account in a domain controller to a web application’s user account that has a different ID, in collaboration with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager.”

Room for Improvement

Wim T. shares that he “would like to see the possibility to administer the appliances from one “master” appliance, instead of having to log into each particular appliance.”

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