The Weekly Roundup – IT Asset Manager by CA

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This week’s roundup explores IT Asset Management. Let’s find out what people are saying about IT Asset Manager, a solution by CA Technologies to help you manage your IT assets, whether on-site, virtual, or in the cloud. Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:

  • weekly-roundupNetwordAdmin375 (Network/Comms Expert at a small retailer) says: “In a fast era of technology, I was confused with lots of stuff at my desk. However, IT Asset Manager made it easier for me to handle a bundle of things at the same time.”
  • InfraExpert376 (Infrastructure Expert for a mid-sized federal government office) says: “[It is] complex software to understand in the beginning. The client needs to setup with every computer for inventory…but after purchas[ing] this software you become free from asset management.”
  • Techsupport356 (Tech Support Staff for a small tech company) says: “IT asset manager helps improve cost control, license compliance, and provides an accurate refresh planning for desktops…[It] is very complex when integrated with other systems like HR, help desk, procurement and supply chain systems.”

IT Asset Manager was awarded 4.75 stars by real users. IT Central Station guarantees that all reviews are 100% genuine. We protect the privacy of the user community – we validate that the reviewers or real users of the products while ensuring complete anonymity, if so desired, so that users can say what they really think and be heard!

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