IT Central Station Named One of the “Top 3 Highlights for B2B Tech Social Marketing”

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forrester_logoWe are very proud that Forrester Research has recognized IT Central Station as one of the year’s top three highlights for B2B tech social marketing. It’s another validation that we are disrupting the B2B tech buying process through the power of crowdsourcing, online reviews and professional social networking.

Kim Celestre, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, published the Top Twelve B2B Tech Social Marketing Highlights which includes leading players in the business-to-business social media market including LinkedIn, Google,, Marketo, Eloqua, and Buddy Media. The post also recognizes innovative social marketing programs run by technology vendors including Oracle and SAP. The launch of IT Central Station was the #3 highlight of the year under the heading “Professional social networks got B2B marketers’ attention.”

Here’s an excerpt:

The past year was a remarkable one for B2B social marketing as seen by the acceleration of B2B social media adoption, rapid consolidation of the social media platform market and the evolution of digital and social marketing.

Professional social networks have great influence on technology decision-makers, who tap into the expertise and feedback from peers. We saw significant growth in existing professional social networks and the introduction of some new ones.  For example, IT Central Station, the ‘Yelp For The Enterprise’ was launched in the fall to provide CIO’s with a place to read and contribute reviews on technology solutions.

We are honored to be recognized by Forrester Research. The past year was an exciting one for us, and the coming year looks even better.

What can you do to be a part of this revolution? The best way to start is to follow products that interest you. Once you’ve done that, write a product review or apply to be an Expert Reviewer on IT Central Station.




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