New Survey: IT Pros – Where Do They Share Feedback?

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I came across a great blog post on the Customer Experience Matters blog. It’s an interesting read on how IT pros today express their feedback about vendors. The findings are based on a recent survey of 800 IT professionals.

The survey finds that IT professionals don’t share much either with vendors or with websites. We believe it could very well be because there’s no site that provides them with the privacy and anonymity to express what they really think!

IT Central Station enables IT professionals to research and talk about great (and not so great) enterprise software, hardware and services with other real users while maintaining their privacy.

Here is the full post for your reading pleasure:

IT professionals regularly have good and bad experiences with their tech vendors. But what do they do after those interactions? We asked that question to 800 IT professionals from companies with at least $500 million of annual revenues. Here’s what we found…

As you can see in the graphic:

  • IT pros share as many of their their good experiences as they do their bad experiences
  • Traditional communications channels dominate the communications
  • About one in four or five IT pros share their experiences on Facebook, Twitter
  • Less than half of IT pros provide feedback directly to the tech vendor

The bottom line: IT professionals actively discuss their experiences, but not always with vendors

–Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO, IT Central Station


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