Load Testing Tools Reviews — Best of 2016

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Here are the Top Load Testing Tools of 2016 based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons.

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HPE LoadRunner

One attribute that HPE LoadRunner is known for among our community members is the intelligence-level of its powerful, flexible, and versatile scripting capabilities. Moreover, the task of creating scripts is made very easy for users, and is supported by many technologies, explains Jorge Montoya.

Room for Improvement

Licensing fees, mentions Montoya, are “too expensive in general”, and at the moment, users who work in one country yet want to use a HPE LoadRunner controller installed in a different country are required to pay an international licensing fee.


itcs top 5 load testing tools reviews

HPE StormRunner Load

Senior Test Analyst Mark Innis finds value in that “you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure setup” for HPE StormRunner Load. The solution is also noted by Rich Harman for its flexibility and speed,  which allows users to provision testing cycles of “large, high concurrency performance.”

Room for Improvement

Harman would also like to see improvement in the “out of the box reporting”. Strategic Account Manager Stephen Dimitrov adds that “the documentation could absolutely be improved”. Dimitrov gives an example that the monitoring graph in a performance test tends to represent data in an unclear format.

Neotys NeoLoad

“It’s very effective during cloud based testing”, explains Waseem Yaqoob. Senior Test Engineer Abhishek Rao emphasizes that NeoLoad “provides comprehensive results for any load test…and the results can be drilled-down to minute levels…of any transaction which makes root cause analysis very effective.”

Room for Improvement

Dynamic Parameterization in the requests would be better “if they were to come back without the values from previous responses”, says Software Engineer Jitin Jacob. Jacob also accounts for NeoLoad’s current inability to capture SQL queries that are being fired.

Apache JMeter

Rahul Sharma likes “the ease of using JMeter…JMeter can record, run and create reports easily without the need to have licenses, complex installations and paid support.”

Room for Improvement

However, Sharma then describes that although his organization uses “best practices to mute all listeners, use non GUI mode, etc., but even with many best practices, JMeter pauses in between load tests.”

Kapil Ryali speaks of a similar scenario, where the “GUI tends to freeze and shutdown under more load.”

HPE Performance Center

“It’s a natural choice for any organization that already uses HP software solutions” describes Sean Conley. Considering how complicated any server-based application can be to install, HPE Performance Center’s installation is “remarkably straightforward by comparison.”

Room for Improvement

Conley does, however, specify that “communication between load testing hosts and components is very complex and sometimes fragile, making manual intervention still too often necessary should an anomaly occur during testing.”

Steen Lindegaard adds that HPE Performance Center lacks integration with open-source tools, and should have version control of scripts, SDI, or GitHub.

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