Microsoft vs Oracle vs Informatica: Review Round-up for Data Integration Solutions

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Microsoft vs Oracle vs Informatica
Microsoft vs Oracle vs Informatica

This week’s review roundup is about the latest reviews of data integration solutions from the IT Central Station community.

Many of our community members discuss how when choosing a data integration solution you need to consider database availability, migration, processing and replication. Read what our real users have to say about these solutions: Microsoft vs Oracle vs Informatica.

Reviews of Data Integration Solutions from Real Users

Microsoft – “SSIS is an unusual ETL tool – most shops likely already own it but it’s slow to be taken seriously as an enterprise tool or utilized to its full extent… SSIS is extremely flexible and extensible, integrated with many other Microsoft tools and add-ons, extremely cost effective, easy to learn the basics quickly although steep learning curve to get good at, and a large user base… [But, con’s include:] no support for push-down, … limited scalability, … inconsistent data types for variables and parameters …” Read the full SSIS review

Oracle – GoldenGate vs Active Dataguard- “GoldenGate ensures cross-platform replication and migration with zero-downtime. Active Dataguard requires the configuration to have the same editions of the database on the same operating platform on both the primary and secondary environment… GoldenGate is flexible enough to support the previous releases for replicating data from a newer version or release. This means that the data of Oracle 11g can be replicated on a Oracle 10g database.” Read the full GoldenGate vs Active Dataguard review.

Informatica vs Microsoft SSIS – “Proclaiming a winner in this … would greatly depend on your business requirements. Of course, there are pricing differences between the two technologies and notable differences in their features, capabilities and differences as well for their level of usability.” Read the full Microsoft review.

Visit IT Central Station to read more data integration solution reviews of GoldenGate, Informatica vs. SSIS and many more.


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